Global Search: What People Worldwide Are Looking For

Global Search: What People Worldwide Are Looking For

September 18th, 2012

Search engines are quickly becoming an integral part of life in countries all across the world. Google reports more than 100 billion searches on the site every month in 180 country domains-- but more surprising than those numbers are the search terms that filled Google’s queries, ranging from celebrities to news incidents and sports games.

The one thing that remained universal across the globe was the steady increase of mobile search across all search engines, proving that the future of search is in the palm of our hands.
Here’s a quick breakdown of the countries surveyed for searches across Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and specific national search engines. Listed next to each country is the search engine that claimed the most traffic for that country:

United States- Google
India- Google
Brazil- Google
China- Baidu
UK.- Google

Google mostly dominated the listings, with up to 98.7% of searches performed in a country (Brazil) run on Google, as opposed to other search engines.

So what do you think? The numbers suggest that Google has the market for search cornered, but as in the case of China, do you think that Google could be ousted by more relevant, nation and language-specific searching?

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