10 Great Drupal Modules

10 Great Drupal Modules

September 20th, 2012

At Volacci, we have a big secret-- we love Drupal! Ok, so it really isn’t a secret. One of our most favorite things about Drupal is the modules. If you’re building a Drupal website, here are 10 modules to help you take the site to that next level.

Views: build queries automatically with provided, relevant information.

CCK: add custom fields to any existing content type in a Drupal site. 

Token: provides token handling functions for other modules in your website.

Path Auto: generate automatic URL aliases for particular content types based patterns.

Global Redirect: gets rid of duplicate content by making sure that a URL in your site is pointing to only one page at a time.

Web Form: Drag and drop interface allows you to quickly and easily create forms in your website.

XML Sitemap: an essential module for good SEO!

Search404: generates a search page from URL keywords if users access your site via a broken link or nonexistent URL.

Boost: A static page caching system that can bring in a significant performance improvement to a Drupal website.

Captcha: Filter out humans from spambots.