The importance of your home page

An easy tip that anyone can do to improve the page rank of their website is to link every page to your home page. Every time you do this it ups the page rank of your home page. And the higher your page rank is, the higher you are likely to rank in the search engines. So every time you publish a new page be sure to link to your home page.

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The importance of sitemaps

When the search engines send spiders to your website to collect data it is very important that you to provide them with the clearest path to your important information. One of the best ways to do this is by providing a text link to your sitemap on every page of your site. A true sitemap provides links to every document on your website that the search engines might need to index. From here the spiders can easily access all of your website's information and then direct traffic to these pages through its search engine results.

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Remove broken links from your website

It is very important to remove all broken and dead links from your site. When broken/dead links appear on your website it creates a bad experience for your users, it also looks bad to search engine robots.

SEO specialists use various techniques and tools to find bad links that you might have missed if you were just looking through your website. The better the quality of the links coming to and going from your site, the more credibility your site will have with both your human users and the search engines.

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Is your site too shallow?

To ensure that your site is not too shallow you want incoming links to as many of your websites' pages as possible. The search engines see incoming links as a good thing and if they're going to a lot of different pages in your site, that's even better.

A site with inbound links only coming to a single page alerts the search engines that you may have used spam-like software or 'bots' to get those links in the first place. A shallow site is going to have a lot more trouble ranking and getting than its deep-linked counterparts.

How deep are the links to your website?

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It's (finally) Official: Buying Links will Negatively Impact Your Search Ranking

I've said it for months: Buying links is a bad idea! Matt Cutts and many other industry experts have explained that link buying is not a good way to SEO your website. WE LISTENED and have never purchased links for any clients. I did a couple of years before I started SpryDev but that was before I knew any better.

Finally, Google has come out with a crystal clear statement about buying links. Last week they updated their Webmaster Guidelines on this topic. Here is their text in full (Emphasis mine.):

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Why Links Help SEO

Prior to Google (1988) search engines used a myriad of schemes to determine the rank of results in the search engines. Some used the frequency a term appeared on a page. Others used the keyword Meta tag. Yahoo used human power to evaluate and create a massive directory. All those methods lacked two things: authenticity (they're easy to fake) and scalability (it's impossible to evaluate every single website by hand).

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How to Organize a Reciprocal Link Campaign

Want to start your own reciprocal link campaign? Here’s where to begin. First, seek out the websites you would like to exchange links with. Be sure to choose partners with valid/complimentary information and products. Do not choose competitors or sites that will diminish your credibility. The goal is to provide your customers with additional, useful information.

Once you have made your selections, politely email the webmaster and explain why their readers will benefit from a link to your site. Show them the page that their link will be posted on. Make sure there are not too many links on the page, that they are credible, and be sure to list the links by category.

Having trouble getting a positive response? Try a few of these "tricks of the trade.”

When you ask a webmaster to participate in your reciprocal campaign, enclose a pre-made html code so it's an easy cut and paste job to create the link.

If your site distributes a newsletter, start a contest for ad space. Offer to advertise a website in your publication- in addition to a free link- to the sites that offer you a reciprocal link.

You can also try posting testimonials about other sites on your homepage. When you're finished, send a link to your comments to the webmaster. Who would pass up the opportunity to brag about a great review?

Get creative! There are plenty of ways to entice people to join in your campaign. The key is to be polite and to-the-point. Let the webmasters know how THEY are going to benefit from the exchange.

Reciprocal linking helps build SEO, and also enables you connect with other webmasters in your community. You can exchange visitors and help strengthen the online presence of your website topic. Being an active member of a connected community increases your credibility, and helps you stay in touch with changing times.

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How to Write a Testimonial & Get a Link

Here's a great strategy for getting high-quality links: Write a testimonial for a company whose products or services you use. For example, we have several SEO testimonials from our customers. Each one contains a link to our customer.

Of course you want to make sure that they include links to their customers in the testimonial. Just search their site and find one. If they do, you're in luck! This is a great way to get a high-quality, relevant link.

To make the most out of the testimonial, make sure that it is written from your own perspective. Don't you superlatives like "best ever" or "most awesome". Instead, tell something specific and personal about your experience that shows the "insider" view. Remember, giving a great testimonial nets you a link so do a good job!

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