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Social Media and Lead Generation: Know Your Measurements

More about social media: it's not going away anytime soon. It has changed the way that people communicate with their friends, family, and even colleagues; new tools and enhancements are being rolled out every day to reduce complexity, enrich social experiences, and integrate social media with our every day life.

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Drip Marketing Campaigns vs Lead Nurturing Campaigns

The purpose of inbound marketing is to build a relationship of trust and authority with a company's prospects through engagement. The result of this process is an increase in the number and quality of leads, as well as sales generated by a company's marketing efforts.

Until marketing automation technology was possible, this process was mostly a manual one. Enter marketing automation-- now, a business is able to exponentially increase their brand reach and trust through the use of marketing automation campaigns.

There are two primary types of marketing automation campaigns:...

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Marketing Automation Explained

Imagine if you could track every person who was interested in your line of business, watch them educate themselves on your product or service, and then personally introduce yourself right at the moment that they’re considering making a purchase decision? With marketing automation, you can. We’re here to show you how.



What Does Marketing Automation Do?

The simple answer is that marketing automation:

  • reveals who specifically is visiting your website,
  • what
  • ...

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