3 Ways to Capture Your Competitors' Audience

a man on a boat casting a net into the sea representing a website capturing an audience

Just as there are many fish in the sea, there are many people surfing the internet. Your website (indeed, your whole SEO and marketing campaign) is your “fishing net” so the question isn’t whether or not your site’s purpose is to “catch fish”, the question is whether or not your “net” has any holes!

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Internet Leapfrogs Newspaper

leapfrog_0.jpgDid you hear? It’s the news sensation this year. After the emergence of its successful campaigning run during the election season, the internet has leapfrogged newspaper in people’s cited source for their news. It may not come as a surprise for most of us, who spend nearly six hours a day online, doing business, blogging, emailing and ordering their wives’ flowers... but it may be a shocker to those folks who have spent every morning of their lives, reading the newspaper over breakfast and coffee. According to the Pew Research Center, 40% of those surveyed reported they get most of their news on national and international issues from the internet. This is up from just 24% in September 2007. For the first time in a Pew study, more people say they rely mostly on the internet for news than cite newspaper (35%). Television continues to be the most frequently cited source for national and international news, at 70%.

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