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How Long Does It Take For a New Page to Rank in Google?
Here's an interesting infographic from aHrefs and The Website Group
Ben Finklea Mon, 11/06/2017 - 11:46
Everyone always asks us how long after we complete our initial SEO work will their website pages start ranking in the search engines. Our answer is "it depends". This info-graphic by The Website Group can help explain the process.
Blue Drop Awards [Infographic]
Celebrating Drupal Innovation
Volacci Wed, 04/09/2014 - 13:46
We'd like to share this infographic we've made depicting interesting facts about the Blue Drop Awards. Without the wonderful community support, The Blue Drop Awards simply would not and could not exist; we appreciate it.

This Week in Drupal SEO News

DrupalCon Copenhagen Tracks and Deadlines, YouTube’s Vuvuzela, and a Google Voice Infographic
It has certainly been a week to remember. The United States won one of the most intense and dramatic victories in its World Cup history from a late goal by America's newest hero, Landon Donovan, BP thinks they may have recapped the leak, Volacci sent off team members to two different DrupalCamps (Chicago and Denver), and the iPhone 4 was released to reports of issues. (taking a breath) Join me after the jump for new important tracks, dates, and deadlines for DrupalCon Copenhagen, as well as a modern look at human communications via infographic.