Will There Be iNews in 2009?

online-newspaper.jpgIt’s not even spring yet, but you can feel the wind shifting directions. Accountability is riding the wind, along with lateral thinking, new regulation, and enough cedar and mold to make a kleenex box book a flight to Jamaica. Of course we are in central Texas, where the winter is a suggestion and the summer is the party guest who shows up too early and stays too late. However, geography isn’t much of a factor when it comes to getting your online music or news. Recently, iTunes, changed its tune and announced that songs would no longer be sold with copying restrictions. No longer will there be digital rights management and the 99 cent price point that Apple held so tyrannically. I remember when iTunes first started and the music industry was being held over the coals by free file sharing. It took a Festivus miracle for Apple to combine the ease of iTunes’ user interface and the cooperation of the music industry to be able to charge for its music content in the first place. iTunes pulled the music industry off the ledge, and all those music companies, despite their renewed chorus of whines, are still in business. Digital music had it’s growing pains, but has recovered appropriately. Now it’s the online news industry’s turn and they have to adjust their direction. Should online news go against the wind, or will there be iNews in 2009?

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