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Is Your Website Ready for the Holidays?

Believe it or not, online retailers are already gearing up for the holiday shopping season. Too soon? Most people may think so, but preparation can never start too early. Due to the lagging recession, most e-tailers are looking to seriously capitalize on the holiday season to hit their annual goals. And, with more people expected to do their holiday shopping online than ever before, the competition is going to be cut-throat. It is also anticipated that holiday shoppers will be begin shopping earlier in the year than ever before, in order to spread out their spending over course of the next several months. This predicted tread increases the importance for e-tailers to prepare earlier in the year, in order to have a lucrative holiday sales season.

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SEO For Travel-Based Websites

It is almost officially summertime and it feels like it here in Austin. The travel bug has already been biting for weeks now in Volacci’s home base and I know I can’t help but check out a few travel-based websites to dream of a getaway. Unfortunately, it isn’t a good year to set any tourism records abroad, as stay-cations rise in popularity and giving any travel person the shivers just to think about. That is why having the right foundation for SEO on their website is even more important than ever before.

Various financial experts agree that a recession is an opportune time to implement new and forward-thinking initiatives within a business to tighten up and recalibrate their overall marketing model. If search engine optimization isn’t involved yet, then you may not see too much business even after this recession dwindles into the past tense. It is time to step up and make sure that your SEO efforts are ready for take-off.

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