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Why Your Home Page Stinks and What You Can Do To Fix It

Did you know that people decide whether your site and company are credible within the first second of landing on your home page?! Historically, the home page was the first place people went to on a website. Now, with the savvy of the search engines, visitors are landing on your site much deeper, and on pages more specific to their queries.

But the home page is still a very important entry point for nearly any site. And most home pages stink. According to the experts who wrote Web Design for ROI, most home pages “have an abandonment rate of between 40%-60% prior to optimization.”

Abandonment Rate:

The percentage of visitors who arrive on a page and leave, or bounce, without navigating further into the site. This is also known as the bounce rate.

If you are one of the thousands of companies that spend bucket-loads of money on your website and have a home page that bounces nearly 50% of your traffic, it’s perfectly natural to be upset. But don’t just sit there and sulk. Find out why your home page stinks and what you can do to fix it... after the jump.

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