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New Google Analytics Audience Reporting Will Empower Marketers

One of the biggest announcements to come out of this week’s Google Analytics Summit was the plan to unveil Google Audience Reports, a demographics-based report replacing the current Traffic Source option. The introduction of such offerings through Google Analytics holds tremendous potential for marketers, and promises to further the effectiveness of targeted outreach efforts, advanced segmentation and comprehensive marketing automation programs

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Google Expands Personalized Search Results

Last week Google expanded its Personalized Search feature to anyone who uses its search engine, regardless of their permission. The goal of this newly-extended feature is to provide you with more accurate results. Now when you use Google to search, your results will be customized based on the last 180 days of your search activity. You will know your results have been customized when you see a “View Customizations” link at the top right of the results. Check out Google’s announcement of Personalized Search. Personalized Search was previously only available to signed-in users who had Web History in their Google Accounts, but is now completely separate from both services. You don’t need a Google Account, you just have to use the search engine. You can learn more from Google’s official video below:

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Google Limits Free Access to Paid Content

The online publishing industry has been immigrating to the digital world as quickly as they can, and many giants have fallen in the process. Most in the industry feel there is a fundamental problem facing online publishing, but no current solution. Technology renders news and information cheap and easy to distribute to Internet readers, while the journalism is expensive to produce. It’s been a rough battle these last few years, but Google just called for more troops to aid the wounded industry. The search giant is now allowing publishers of paid content to limit the number of free news articles people can access via its search engine.

There had been mounting criticism from online media publishers over Google’s practices with their First Click Free program, which was the main recipient of concession in this move. Now online readers are limited to viewing no more than five articles a day without being registered or subscribed to the site.

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