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Social Web Analytics - Part 1

Social media has reached highly competitive heights and everyone wants to be on the top. It is the new, non-traditional platform for strategic messaging where consumers have the control, picking and choosing what marketing they subject themselves to. Do you feel like you are not in control of your social media efforts?

Recent research efforts have found that an overwhelming 86% of businesses will spend more money in 2010 on social media. Brands and businesses now battle with viral videos, sticky websites, and engaging content for the attention of socially optimistic and cautiously conversion-oriented consumers.

The biggest advantage any business running a social campaign can have this year is good old-fashioned data. Does your company’s CEO need definitive evidence for why he is paying a couple of Millennials to surf the web? Data gives you something to hold on to, and if you can start to control the numbers, its a win for everyone.

In terms of web-years, pageview tracking is no longer up to snuff when it comes to social media metrics. With companies like Facebook and Slide spending tons of their budget surpluses on building internal analytical tools, there are improved and evolving measurements that can help your businesses’ social life grow and improve while you take control.

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