The Buzz on Google Buzz

As more and more communication occurs online, the social web has erupted as a place to speak your mind, keep up with old friends, and stay connected with the entire world, all in real-time. But in today’s world of status updates, retweets, and message streams, it is difficult to distinguish the relevancy from all the buzz, much less to stay engaged in significant conversations.

On Tuesday, Google announced their newest innovation for the social web: Google Buzz. In an attempt to organize all your social information on the web into one place, Google Buzz is built right into Gmail as a new way to start conversations with your current friends – and you don’t have to start your “friend-stable” from scratch. You are automatically set up to “follow” the people you email often and Buzz comes equipped with a more enhanced sharing experience via photos, videos and links. More in-depth rambling after the jump.

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