Dynamic Content for the Drupal Marketer

Successful marketers need to deliver highly relevant content to any visitor across email, social, and the web. Content needs to be displayed on any device - smartphone, tablet, computer, email client, etc. And it all has to be done in real time.

It is practically impossible because the data marketers need to power those interactions is spread across three disparate systems. 

  • Customers' interactions with the Sales team sit in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.
  • The marketing automation platform keeps a record of lead scores, website clicks, and email interactions.
  • The website content management (WCM) system holds and serves your content and corporate assets.

Until now, getting the data out of these systems and into marketing campaigns has been a huge headache and required significant development and IT support.

Introducing Volacci Automatr's Dynamic Content for Drupal

Volacci Automatr gathers and provides Marketing and Sales data to the Drupal Admin interface through the Tokens and Rules systems. This means that Marketers can create real-time, easy to administer, personalized content for each visitor based on any data across supported enterprise systems. Now, customer's company name, buying history, job title, geography, website visits, and more can be used to create sophisticated messaging and content deliver on your website.

All in a point-and-click interface that doesn't require ongoing help from the IT department

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