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Google Advanced Image Search and Drupalicon Halloween Fun

The Drupalicon, Drupal’s official logo, is a point of pride throughout the Drupal community. What better device than the Drupalicon itself could be used to communicate the value in using Google’s Advanced Image Search features? We created five Drupal twists to classic Halloween images to illustrate the breadth of Google Advanced Image Search’s database.

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10 Pimped-Out Drupal Logos

Everyone who knows Drupal also knows how amazingly supportive and creative the entire Drupal community is. I cannot be more proud to work with such a great CMS day-in day-out. I am also proud to know, firsthand, how well Dries Buytaert rides a mechanical whale! Over the last few years, the Drupal community’s creativity has truly shone through, and perfect examples of said creativity are all the Drupal logos getting “pimped out” at DrupalCamps and DrupalCons around the world. I included the original logo here as a visual comparison to the following pimped out logos. They in no particular order in creativity or "pimpness". They are ranked solely on the order in which I found them. So, without further ado, here are 10 pimped-out Drupal logos... after the jump.

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