Drupal Dynamic Content Demo: Landing Pages for Adwords

Marketing Challenge

If you have hundreds or even thousands of keywords running in your Adwords campaign, it is cumbersome to manage unique landing pages for each one. Yet, quality score and conversion rates are dramatically increased with customized landing pages.

Drupal Dynamic Content Solution

Customize your landing pages on the fly based on the keyword or creative the visitor clicked.


Below are two typical ads. They're advertising the same solution to different audiences. Instead of creating separate landing pages we've created one landing page and customize it for each audience.

First, take a look at the default landing page (opens in a new window): http://www.volacci.com/drupal-mktg

Now, click on one of these ads (opens in a new window) and compare with the default.


Ad 1: Drupal Dynamic Marketing

Create personalized, dynamic marketing

experiences in Drupal.




Ad 2: Drupal Dynamic Sales

Generate more sales leads with Drupal

using Automatr. Learn more here.



As you can see, each targeted segment sees the same content in a whole new way. That's better targeting which means more leads and more sales for you.