Drupal 7 Dynamic Content Demo

To see a demonstration of Dynamic Content using Drupal 7, Volacci Automatr, Rules, and Tokens, please select one of the following:

Dynamic Content Content Type Data Needed Tokens Needed Example A Example B
Welcome users from a referring website Home Page Referring Website None Drupal.org LinkedIn

Say "Welcome back!" to returning visitors

Home Page # of Visits First Name Welcome!  
Invite non-subscribers to subscribe to your newsletter Blog Subscriber List None Invite  
Show different call-to-action to Subscribers Blog Subscriber List None CTA  
Personalize Your Thank You pages Thank You Page View First Name, etc Thanks! More Thanks!
Prepopulate form fields to increase conversion rates. Webforms Contact Info Contact Info Basic Form Advanced Form
*Show visitor-specific customer service or account rep information. Help Page Geographic or Lead Owner None    
Invite nearby visitors to a company event. Product Page Geographic None    
Target Hot Prospects Any Lead Score First Name, Contact Info    
Show appropriate content to first-time visitors Home Page Visits None    
Existing customer visiting 2+ support pages? Support Pages Customer List, pages visited First Name, Contact Info    
Tailor messaging based on other products in use (Drupal, Salesforce, etc.) Home Page Custom Fields None    
*Offer additional download content based on past content downloaded Call to Action List Membership First Name    
Targeted Content Creation          
Notify their salesperson when a hot prospect visits site Any Lead Owner None    
Email notify site visitors of new content Blog List Membership First Name    
Create follow-up call-to-action based on ad clicked Landing Page URL Visited None Marketing Ad Sales Ad