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So You Hate Drupal…Now What?

Drupal 8 Response to Marketing Complaints

“I hate Drupal!”

That’s what I heard from a marketing director at the Unbounce conference I attended earlier this summer. I put Drupal on my nametag and posted a few Drupal-related times to the conference app and that started quite a few conversations.

This poor woman was fed up with her Drupal website and was ready to make some changes. She finds it hard to create new content and it’s getting costly to update and maintain her site. And forget about trying to find a Drupal developer who didn’t charge outrageous rates to get something basic done.

She wasn’t...

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7 Things to Look For in a Drupal Developer: Drupal Web Development

Finding a Drupal Developer

Maybe you’ve made the extremely intelligent decision to switch to the Drupal CMS; maybe you’ve been a Drupalite for awhile but are looking for some Drupal web development insight; or maybe you’re looking for a good CMS home for your site. Regardless of why you’re here, you need a good developer -- you know, the person or company that plans, creates, and maintains your site -- to assist you with this milestone occurrence. A good developer can mean the difference between contentment and discontentment, happiness and unhappiness, sanity and insanity. (image above by Andre Molnar)


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