Special Holiday Discount on Drupal 8 SEO

We've set up a limited-time, pre-release discount of up to 50% off for Volacci friends, partners, and subscribers.

Use the coupon code drupal8seoftw to get a huge discount on a copy of the Drupal 8 SEO eBook (available as Kindle, iBooks, and PDF formats). 

We’re trying to generate as much buzz as we can before launch day, so we’re offering deep discounts to get the word out. If you follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn, you’ll start to see the announcements soon. 

We’re doing this a little different by offering a bigger discount the sooner you make a purchase. (By the way, if you ever have a big release event, party, trade show, giveaway, etc., this is an excellent way to create “need for Tweet”. I’ll write a blog post about it and let you know how it goes after launch day.)

When you use the coupon code drupal8seoftw, you will receive:  

50% off until 6 pm CST on Dec 27.  

40% off until 5 pm CST on Jan 2.  

30% off until 1 pm CST on Jan 6.  

20% off until 1 pm CST on Jan 11.  

10% off until 1 pm CST on Jan 16.

So, the sooner you pick up a copy, the more you’ll save!

There is no limit on how many you can buy using that code so be sure to get copies for your entire team.

Finally, please feel free to share this discount code and spread the Drupal love far and wide this holiday season.