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Lessons Learned as a DrupalCon Presenter

Drupal Marketing is Hot and so is Drupal 8 SEO

DrupalCon Baltimore was my 14th DrupalCon and it was a very interesting and eye-opening experience. The Drupal community is maturing just as Drupal as a content management system is maturing. I saw a lot of the same people that I’ve seen for years and I met a lot of new people, too. Though I haven’t seen the actual numbers, I felt like it was a bit smaller than last year. (edit: It wasn't. Drupalcon grew by 5%. Hat tip to...

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Why Drupal SEO Beats Generic SEO Every Time

Specialized Drupal 8 SEO Provides Better Results Faster

Why settle for generic SEO when specialized Drupal SEO is available?

Generic: having no particular distinctive quality of application – Miriam-Webster

Just like generic drugs and generic foods are a lot like their name-brand counterparts, generic SEO has a lot in common with specialized Drupal SEO. There are some basic processes and tools that SEO specialists use to optimize your website in order to improve search engine rankings and generate more leads and revenue. You can use generic SEO services and see an improvement. But are you...

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Don’t Miss This Drupal 8 SEO Session at DrupalCon!

2 Hours of Drupal SEO Training and a Free Book, Too!

I hope you will be attending DrupalCon 2017 next week in Baltimore. This a great opportunity to update your Drupal knowledge and network with others. It’s also your chance to sign up for a special, two-hour training session on Drupal 8 SEO which is free to Drupalcon attendees.

I will be holding a Drupal 8 SEO Hands-On Seminar beginning at 15:45 on April 25 in room 321 at the Baltimore Convention Center. We will do the most important on-page optimizations that I’d execute for a Volacci SEO...

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Drupal 8 SEO Book - Order Now!

The visual, step-by-step guide for how to Search Engine Optimize your Drupal 8 website for Google!

Our Drupal 8 SEO book is ready for preorder! This is the first book ever published that includes all of the step-by-step instructions you need to search engine optimize your Drupal 8 website. Using this book, you can increase search engine ranking, get more website traffic, and generate leads that result in sales. This book is written for marketers; you don’t need to be a technical expert to use it and succeed.

Companies that rank well in Google win.

I’m sure you realize the importance of ranking well in Google search results. When you have a great ranking, your company’s...

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