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Drupal 7 SEO Module Availability Matrix

As you may know, I am the maintainer of the popular Drupal SEO Checklist module. Many people for the last year or so have been asking when I'll update it for Drupal 7 SEO. My answer was - and still is - "when the modules that make SEO possible on Drupal 7 are relatively available and ready".

So, over the last couple of months, I've been keeping a spreadsheet of the candidate modules that might be listed in the 7 version of the SEO Checklist. You can view that spreadsheet here:


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Hitler Discovers Drupal 7 May Release Without Panels

By now, you should be familiar with the popular “Hitler Meme” or “Hitler finds out” video meme involving the addition of new sub-titles to the dramatic scene of Hitler’s final meltdown from the German movie, Downfall, directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel. The subtitles are altered with humorous English subtitles surrounding current events.

Below is the Hitler meme about Drupal 7, which has recently hit the Internet around the time Drupal 7 Alpha 1 was released for testing. This appears to be a compliment for the Open Source sensation reaching video meme parody status! Enjoy!

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Calling All Developers! Drupal 7 Alpha 1 Now Available for Testing

Just last Friday, Drupal celebrated its ninth birthday. Not too shabby, seeing as Drupal 6 was recently anointed as the runaway success story in Open Source of 2009. Since 2001, Drupal has released 6 full versions and is on schedule to release Drupal 7 in 2010. They would like to release it sooner rather than later and, in fact, have asked for its developer community’s help to expedite the release. Drupal 7.0 Alpha 1 has officially been released for download and testing.

The Drupal 7 Alpha 1 is an alpha version, which means that it should not be used for production sites. They expect at least one more alpha version, followed by a few beta versions, before Drupal 7.0 is finalized and released. After nearly two years of development, the alpha version includes tons of new features and improvements for both users and developers. Here is a quick overview of what changes you may expect to see from Drupal 7:

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