All Content Should Get SEO Love

We are currently living in an era where content creation and distribution has been democratized. Anyone can blog, tweet, status update, and build and write a website. This makes the playing field increasingly crowded in gaining the “share of read” of any Internet user. This also takes the bar down a notch or five, when it comes to the consistency of quality. Just because someone has a blog, doesn’t make them a great writer. If you are creating content for your business or organization online, keep these SEO words in mind. It is no longer, “write it and they will come”, but “write relevant, interesting content and they will convert.”

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How to Stop SEO Writer’s Block

When you are in charge of creating optimized content on a regular basis for your company’s website, chances are you have run into a writer’s block. There is no magic pill to help you out, yet, but there are other cures. Writer’s block is a very common occurrence that happens to the best and most creative writers, SEO or non-SEO. Over time, while your skill and style are honed to perfection, your tank of ideas begins to run out, making it harder and harder to come up with fresh ideas and new angles. Here are a few ideas on how get your creative juices flowing freely again.

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SEO Copywriting Insights That Rank Your Site

You may have heard some buzz coming from the writers’ break room these days about “content being king”. But before you put the whole department on caffeine probation, take in consideration content’s role in On-Page Optimization for your SEO campaign. You can keyword the stuffing out of your tags to help get found and bring the traffic to your site, but once the visitor there, they need to be enticed to stay.

Remember, every potential conversion is really a human being that is literate. If your message is too “sales-y” or littered with grammatical errors, the only thing left on your website is the smoke outline of their disinterest. The ability to close on conversions online depends on how passionately and genuinely your copy reads, with informative and relevant subject matter. Not only do humans like to read interesting things, but so do those search engine spiders.

Ideally, you would be able to hire a skilled copywriter, but not all companies are lucky, or rich enough to hire a certified word wizard. If you are writing the copy yourself, or you have found the solution in-house within someone’s capacity, here are some SEO copywriting insights that will help rank your site.

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Copywriting Principles For Your Business

Whether your business is new to the web or not, a priority of your website is conveying the right message to your potential customers. This could mean working closely with your SEO firm’s copywriter or in-house writer to establish clear objectives. However, not all of us can afford to hire copywriters in these frugal times. If you are thinking of writing your own content, here are a few hints that may help.

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The Importance of SEO Copywriting

words-letters_0.gifIn beginning, there was the word. The word brought people together. The word made sure everyone was on the same page. Then came the keyword. The keyword helped people distinguish what was most important. When we created a digital communication platform, keywords held even more importance. A few simple keywords placed in the META tag would optimize a web page’s search ranking. However, that was ten years ago.

Search engine optimization and high rankings still depend heavily upon the keywords that make up the copy of a web page, but now this means more than simply fitting keywords into the text. It takes specialized training to write effective SEO copy that engages website visitors and ranks high with search engines. SEO copywriting must sound natural and achieve a balance between optimization and salesmanship.

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