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How to Conduct a Content Audit of Your Website

The Content Inventory
More companies than care to admit have no idea how much branded content they are publishing on the Internet everyday, with even less knowing exactly where it all lives. In our desire to deliver knowledge, news, and marketing messages to our target audiences, we often start pumping out content without too much worry about tracking where it resides, or about developing a solid strategy behind its purpose and delivery. Not only is this sloppy, it is irresponsible.

Why Content Strategy Matters to Your Website’s Success

By now you’ve heard the digital cliche: “Content is King”. It may mean something to you or it may not. But chances are you are either here to be converted, or to sing with the choir. Shalom. When websites seek business from online consumers, there is no better feeling than landing on the front page of Google. But when consumers find your site there and make that ever-so-satisfying click-through, what are kind of content are they going to find? Videos? Flash animation? Images and copy? What does it say about you as a company? When you offer a product or service that fills a need for someone, you are also addressing a pain. Take a look at your homepage. Does the content stoke the fire of their pain or does the content soothe their ills?