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Netflix’s Meteoric Rise is a Testament to the Power of Original Content

Netflix has overtaken HBO in the number of paid subscribers, causing many media analysts to view this as the start of an epic battle for the future of video entertainment. Many lessons can be learned from Netflix's plans to double investment in original content during 2014; lessons which show why they are still standing strong, and their former adversary Blockbuster, is lost to the realm of nostalgia.

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Repurposing Content Tip: A Lesson in Clip Shows from Family Ties

Remember when Michael J. Fox became a huge movie star, but Family Ties was only a few episodes short of syndication, so they made like 6 clip shows in one season? Sometimes it can be fun to revisit things we've already seen before! Often times, it can also be extremely valuable to make sure your content stays in rotation for years to come.

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The Advent of Tumblr and Its Place in Social Media Marketing

With Yahoo’s recent acquisition of Tumblr, many have asked themselves what these two companies could possibly have in common. Not much, but Yahoo’s CEO, Marissa Mayer, is making an active effort to revamp the tech giant’s image.

It only makes sense that she would set her sights on one of the youngest, most up-and-coming social platforms around. Perhaps you should, too. Many people above the age of 25 may not know exactly what Tumblr is what it does. But learning about what it can do for your content marketing efforts may just earn you a coveted spot with the 18-25 set.

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How to Get Great Testimonials to Work for You

Client testimonials are always a great way to validate the declarations of excellence you reverberate throughout every communication channel you use. Although they can seem a little partial, testimonials can have influence over people on the fence about your product or service.

Testimonials can also provide potential customers and clients with more insight into your work and how you do it. If gathered correctly, your testimonials should be relevant, believable, trust-generating, and support your success statements. They should also push a few more hesitant searchers over to your side of the fence. Are your testimonials helping you convert more? Do you know how to get great client testimonials from your raving fans?

If you answered ‘No’ either of those questions, please join me after the jump to get advice on how to get great testimonials to work for you.

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Work It! with Fresh Website Copy


Recently, I was talking content strategy with a long-time Volacci client and he asked me to take a look at the content on his website. He knew that when you’ve had a website for awhile, it’s easy to not really see what it looks like anymore or be able to objectively evaluate it like a prospective customer would. I thought this was a fantastic idea. (Smart guy!)

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How to Build Backlinks with Content

There is nothing more mind-numbingly, hair-pullingly frustrating than having a “grand opening” for your website and no one showing up. There are endless amounts of opinions available as to how you gain online traffic, and most of them may be correct in their specific circumstances. But there is one that no one will ever contest. One of the fastest ways to start letting people know your website exists is through the power of the written word.

One of the many successful SEO services we provide our clients at Volacci is content creation. Articles are created using SEO best practices and are submitted to online directories in order to build backlinks for the client’s website. Backlinks create new roads and doorways for visitors to enter your website through. This is a very effective and efficient method for building a strong foundation for any SEO campaign.

The Web is visited everyday by hundreds of millions people looking for unique content to consume. To get even a percent of a percent of web surfers could mean a significant boost in your sales. But you can’t submit just any ol’ content to online directories, the content must be unique and search engine-optimized.

Join me after the jump for more tips on how to build backlinks to your site using content.

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Who Wants Great Headlines and Content?

Do you suffer from mediocre content that never gets read? Does your blog’s headlines drive traffic away from your site, rather than draw it in? If your headlines are weak and your content can’t carry the team, chances are you have a major problem. Great headlines will not only increase traffic to your website and blog, but it will keep them coming back for more.

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Minimum words per page

When you're creating page content you always need to focus on quality and relevant material, but how many words should you use per page? A good word count per page is 250-300. Pages of this length are easy for you to create, easy for your visitors to read and they look good to the search engines when they index your website.

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