Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on December 23rd, 2009

YouTube's Most Popular Search Terms for 2009

Online videos really came into their own this year, made apparent by the incredible popularity of YouTube’s platform of viral videos that inspire, entertain, and connect millions of people from around the world. Google came out with their official Most Watched lists and some of the fastest-rising search terms on YouTube. The lists were determined by view counts, and, without further ado, I present to you some of the year’s most popular viral viewing:

Most Watched YouTube Videos 1. Susan Boyle - Britain’s Got Talent (120+ million views) This video cannot be embedded, per request. Follow the link above to see the full video on YouTube. 2. David After Dentist (37+ million views)

3. JK Wedding Entrance Dance (33+ million views)

4. New Moon Movie Trailer (31+ million views)

5. Evian Roller Babies (27+ million views)

Fastest Rising YouTube Search Terms by Month (Global): • January: inauguration • February: Christian Bale • March: the climb • April: Susan Boyle • May: Pacquiao vs. Hatton • June: Michael Jackson Thriller • July: Michael Jackson • August: Usain Bolt • September: Kanye West • October: Paranormal activity • November: bad romance • December: Tiger Woods There are definitely some interesting nuggets of insight here. Obviously, you can go back and determine what happened in each month. 2009 was a year of celebrity scandals (Tiger Woods, Kanye West, Christian Bale), inspirational people (Susan Boyle, Usain Bolt), movies (Paranormal Activity, New Moon), and unforgettable moments (inauguration, JK Wedding Entrance Dance, Michael Jackson). Hopefully, this will be the first year of many lists in the future.