Your Business is a System [Podcast]

Today's tip: Examine the missing systems in your life.

Ben Finklea is the CEO of Volacci, the Digital Marketing Agency.


Hi, this is Ben, thanks for listening to the podcast. I have a very interesting topic that I would like to discuss with you today. The idea that your business is a system is one that really resonates with me and one that I think is worthy of taking two minutes today to discuss.

A system is something that, when you give it certain inputs, a certain activity is going to happen. And, sometimes there is visibility into that and sometimes there's not...but the outcome is consistent. You get a consistent result with any kind of system that you've put in place. I like to think of a coke machine as a good system. You put in your dollar and out comes a coke and it happens nearly every single time. In fact, when it doesn't happen it's really surprising.

What I want to talk about really quickly is think about your business if you're a business owner or a CEO or an executive, or think about your department as a system. What are the inputs to your system and what are the outputs supposed to be? In my business I'm thinking about the production team. I know the input is a new project and there needs to be certain information that they're handed such as the client and the contact information, and the output is the production of a digital marketing campaign. 

One of the things that I have to admit to is that we have not really had a sales system. We've had good salesmen but we have not had a system where we had certain inputs - like leads - that led to certain outputs - like closed business. We've just had a person there.

What I would like for you to think about is what are the areas in your life or business where you could use a system?