Posted to Leigh Carver's blog on July 26th, 2013

Your Business Needs a Newsletter!

Newsletters have been used in marketing since the printing press was invented. While older isn't necessarily better, a newsletter is one marketing strategy that your company needs to implement yesterday.

Putting together a newsletter can be daunting task, as it may seem like there's nowhere to turn for advice on how to make a newsletter. That's why the team at Volacci put together a great Newsletter Best Practices eBook to help you with your email marketing solutions. Over the next few weeks, my colleagues and I will be touching on a few main points from the eBook. Today, I'm going to discuss why it is that it's so important for you to have a newsletter.

1. Newsletters are easy.

Creating and managing an online newsletter is simple, especially if your website is already regularly creating content. Even if you aren't, an email newsletter will help you distribute news and information to your audience.

2. Newsletters are effective.

One of the most effective marketing tools that's out there, newsletters can consistently reinforce your branding, bring in more customers, and increase your sales tremendously. Rather than cold-calling prospective leads who'll give you the cold shoulder, sending an online newsletter is unobtrusive… and furthermore, people who receive newsletters do so voluntarily, and if you have a marketing automation system, will begin their journey down the sales funnel.

3. Newsletters are eye-catching.

Regular communication with prospects, leads and customers is essential to establishing brand trust. A regular email newsletter will establish that trust and keep your company top of mind. Subscribers place a high value on newsletters with good content, so use your newsletter to establish your team as industry experts and thought- leaders.

If you're creating content on your website at all, but you aren't sending out a newsletter, ask yourself: What good is content that no one reads? Using a newsletter, you can push your valuable content into subscribers’ inboxes on a regular basis.

Creating a newsletter isn't easy, but it doesn't have to be painful, either. If you need newsletter ideas to get started, check out our Newsletter Best Practices eBook, which contain sample newsletters, analyses of major newsletters, and more.

Does your business have a newsletter? What’s your biggest roadblock to starting, or if you have one, what advice would you give companies putting together their first newsletter? Share your thoughts in the comments.