You Can’t Define Digital Without SEO

ones and zeros demonstrating "digital"It’s almost amusing to see how a new year always brings some new way to look or define something. Many experts figured that “digital advertising” would be one of those evolving definitions that would bring a fresh new look to 2009, and they were right.

But be careful when doing business how companies define the word “digital”. Advertising agency holding companies have made very little effort and investment in digital. What they call digital is Flash and Photoshop, what you or your clients are asking for is SEO and SMO. These are wildly different disciplines. SEO and SMO firms don’t view Flash as digital marketing or advertising, not even close.

If you want Flash, I can have you Flash by 3:00 PM today, no questions asked. However, Flash does not spider in search engines properly, requires plugins, doesn’t work on many mobile devices and is practically useless in providing any ROI for clients. You might as well get used to spoon-feeding Flash a healthy dose of “digital” pea mush and tuck it in at night with a bedtime story. Advertising agencies like to use Flash because it is quick and shiny, a temporary solution for a more permanent problem.

There are agencies out there that have begun to invest in SEO and SMO, but they tend to extensively invest in Flash and leave a gap in their capabilities. Next time you are bidding out online business, make sure you ask your bidders to define “digital advertising”. If you don’t get an answer that includes SEO or SMO, keep looking. We specialize in SEO for online businesses and make sure that you are getting the “digital advertising” that your business needs. It’s 2009, and you need to start off the new year with the right strategies, the right goals, and the right partnerships.

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