Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on July 9th, 2009

Yahoo! Improves Search With “Search Pad”

After a year of development, Yahoo! finally went live at 9:00 PM Pacific Time on July 7th with its new Search Pad application. Search Pad is built into Yahoo! Search to provide an online notepad, allowing searchers to collect, edit, organize, save, print and email search results or content. Users will be able to share the collected information on Search Pad via a public URL, as well as Twitter, Facebook and Delicious. This is all according to Yahoo! Tech News.

Yahoo’s new implementation makes Search Pad a more integral part of the search process. It actually will propose itself when your session looks like research, which is, in Yahoo’s standards, six or more related searches. (Let us hope it isn’t as annoying as the Paperclip Helper from Microsoft Word)

"With Search Pad, Yahoo is providing an elegant solution that understands when valuable research is being conducted and offers a way to effortlessly gather information in one place. Yahoo Search Pad helps people make decisions, save their work, and share the best with friends and colleagues," stated Larry Cornett, Vice President of Consumer Products at Yahoo! Search.

To no one's surprise, Search Pad is of interest to search engine optimization professionals. The application automatically tracks sites that a user has clicked on and detects if they are searching for information on a particular topic.

Will this new application help Yahoo! rise from the ashes and make that much-needed comeback, or will Google and Bing be left alone to duke it out for dominance? It is a worthy attempt at refining and implementing innovative applications to search. But will it be a tipping point for Yahoo!? Give it a try and let me know what you think below.

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