Posted to Volacci's blog on May 4th, 2011

Whoa! Wednesday: The Royal Wedding Edition

Prince William and Kate Middleton Wedding Portrait

As everyone (hopefully) knows, Prince William and Kate Middleton wed on Friday, April 29, 2011. Aside from the live broadcast breaking the world record for live internet streaming (YouTube reportedly had over 400 million viewers!), what does one of modern history’s most historic occasions have to do with anything web-related? Well, quite a lot!

Twitter gave the event its own official hashtag (#rw2011) and the British Monarchy has its own Facebook page, YouTube page, and Flickr stream.

The British Royal Family

Aside from all of that, were you aware that the wedding has its own official website?

From an SEO, conversions, and design perspective, the website is well done. Let’s take a look!
H1: The H1 header for the homepage is “The Royal Wedding”
H2: The H2 header for the homepage is “Prince William & Catherine Middleton”
Tags: The site makes effective use of tags (acting as keywords), including: “prince”, “william”, “catherine”, “middleton”, “royal”, “wedding”, “westminster”, “abbey”, “service”, “buckingham”, “palace” and others.
Social Media: Right on the right side of every page are links to social media! They included the latest YouTube video from the British Monarchy YouTube page, Twitter feed from Clarence House, thumbnails of the official Flickr stream, and the Facebook profile link and “Like” button.
Conversion Goal (Charitable Fund): Aside from viewing the wedding live, the other obvious conversion goal is donations to the Royal Wedding Charitable Gift Fund. Rather than accept gifts from various strangers from around the world celebrating their wedding, the Royal couple has generously set up a charitable gift fund for those who wish to donate. This is made apparent in several places (but not at all in places of major significance or of prominent style to seem “preachy” or “guilt-tripping”) such as the fifth page of the scrollable content block, as a link below the “Latest Video” block, and in a block below the Facebook block. The repetition of the charitable fund in various places on the site makes conversions for this goal more likely. (You can visit or donate to the fund here:
Design & Function: The design and function of the site is clean and simple; about all that should be required for informational sites such as this. The tabbed navigation functions perfectly (tabs colored white for the current page and gray/recessed for tabs behind) and the function of the site is such that each tab displays content with a tag or keyword in the headline related to that tab. The scrolling content block acts as an introduction to the tab and its relation to the Royal Wedding. This site is a great example of how simple design and low functionality can create a beautiful website.

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