Posted to Volacci's blog on April 27th, 2011

Whoa! Wednesday: Light Painting with Maru

Light Painting Photo of a Cat at Night

Sometimes we all need a break from the mundane to enjoy life’s eccentricities and creativity. No one is an Energizer Bunny™ with a long-lasting battery strapped to our backsides. For humans, sometimes in order to recharge to our fullest capacity, we need to take a moment to enjoy the “unmundane” in the world around us.

A Photo spoof of the Energizer Battery Bunny Running Really Fast

If this looks like you, you're probably not human.

You might think that your only option for the “unmundane” is to visit the movie theaters, go on a vacation, or hit the gym. Ironically, the very fact that these are always available go-to options for fun makes these activities mundane. The definition of “mundane” is “found in the ordinary, normal course of events”. The fact of the matter is for something to be “unmundane” or the opposite of mundane, it must exist in an unexpected place at an unexpected time. In other words, you can’t “seek” to find the “unmundane”.

At this point, you might be asking yourself, “What does any of this have to do with my website?”.

A lot, actually.

Have you ever stopped to look at your website and check out how boring it is? No, really.

Funny picture of a baby yawning while leaning with one arm on her crib

"I stopped listening when I realized you're speaking gibberish."

Most websites contain only the expected information, visuals, and content - which is perfectly good and normal - but is it good to leave out the “unmundane”? Here’s the thing: Putting a little of the “unmundane” in the site (a funny video, a fun quiz, something random or encouraging, etc.) rejuvenates your site’s visitors and makes them ready and receptive for your message. Not only that, but it will make your site memorable and will significantly increase the likelihood that people will return to, remember, or become/remain loyal to your brand and site.

In some cases however, it may not be appropriate for your site. For instance, if your business is “Dainty ‘Lil’ Serenity Garden Crematorium & Funeral Home”, don’t make jokes about “burning people to ensure they're not zombies” in your services description. Such a message would most definitely be inappropriate and is unnecessary! Some things (like crematoriums and funeral homes) should always remain mundane.

Hopefully you learned your lesson!

Now, here are two “unmundane” things to brighten your day:

1. Maru - The Funniest Cat in the World

2. Light Painting (With Tablets)


P.S. Happy Belated Birthday John James Audubon!

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