Posted to Volacci's blog on April 13th, 2011

WHOA! WEDNESDAY: 3 Decent Landing Pages & 1 COOL NEW SITE!

will ferrell as ron burgundy inside an official seal of awesomeness

So this week, I’m going to show you some examples of 3 excellent landing pages, AND a new site, one of the COOLEST to come around for months! So sit back, put on your monocle, and hold on to your pants, because its WHOA! WEDNESDAY!

cat wearing top hat and monocle meowing

Conversion-centered design is something rare, rare enough that I don’t see it often out in the wild web. You probably don’t see it often either. Lucky for both of us, I’ve found three landing pages that do a decent job of conversion-centered design:

1. landing page screenshot

Here’s what I like about it:
  • The background is highlighted around the iRobot, effectively drawing the user’s attention to the product image
  • The large quote does four things right:
    1. Describes the product (helpful household robot)
    2. Cute, humorous, and personable (as the Jetson’s Rosie with none of the snarky back talk)
    3. References ABC News as the source of that quote which increases the product’s credibility
    4. It is short, large, and highly readable (sans-serif)
  • The button below the quote is a clear call to action, inviting you to explore their products
  • The options at the bottom provide a more detailed experience, catered to the visitors’ likes and personality (photos, a robot-matching quiz, and videos)

2. landing page screenshot

Here’s what I like about it:
  • It emphasizes “FREE!” in several places
  • The pie chart in conjunction with the header, “the best free way to manage your money” makes it obvious it’s for personal bookkeeping
  • The call to action is a bright orange button that prompts the user and reiterates “FREE!”
  • The tabs at the bottom are clear ways to read more about and its services
  • The layout makes effective use of the way our eyes scan websites

3. landing page screenshot from college ready or not dot com

Here’s what I like about it:
  • The design and color scheme is catered to the high school crowd
  • Short, scannable, highly readable header that describes what you will get by signing up
  • Short form that doesn’t ask for too much
  • The two feature descriptions on the right side increase the likelihood of high-school students to sign up by getting them excited about the features
  • There are only 73 words on the page TOTAL! (Not including the pencil, which increase the total to a hefty 77 words.) That’s LESS than the maximum length on TWITTER!! Got that??


Now, for the super awesome, coolest new site to come around for some time... it’s best if you just check it out for yourself!