Posted to Volacci's blog on October 7th, 2013

Who Does Google Think You Are?

We've gotten some great social media responses to last week's article on the new Audience Reporting demographics features that Google Analytics is planning. (Click here to see the original article).

Among the responses, a recurring theme is, how does Google know who we are? My understanding is that they use a combination of cookies, profile information and behaviorial assumptions to figure it all out. What many people don't know though, is that you can edit what Google knows about you, and how Google ads are presented to you as a user.

To see who Google thinks you are, go to

I did this both under my work account and my personal account. Because I work in a client-heavy industry, I've often thought that Google thinks my professional account belongs to someone with a multiple personality disorder. Their results confirmed that, with them unable to pin an age or gender on me, and showing my interests on a wide assortment from things as accurate as Search Engine Optimization & Marketing, to things as far off the mark as East Asian Music and as random as toiletries.

On my personal account, however, Google had me pegged for exactly who I am. A male in his early 30s who is mostly interested in news, politics, live comedy and marketing.

Who does Google think you are? Leave a comment below to let me know if they've got you right on, or way off, I'd love to hear!

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