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This Week in Drupal SEO News: The State of Drupal Address Video, OpenScholar is Launched, and Google Search Gets Makeover

It's good day to be alive and a good day to work with Drupal! Every week nuggets of Drupal goodness hit Volacci's news desk with the force of white rhino stampede. And I can hardly hold myself back until Friday to tell you about it!

This week Dries Buytaert posted his keynote speech up and I have it for you inside the jump, along with exciting news from Acquia's new Drupal distribution and Google's new interface! So hold on tight, we go to hyperspace in 3...2...1...


DrupalCon SF 2010: The State of Drupal Address

Around two weeks ago at DrupalConSF2010, Drupal founder and project lead, Dries Buytaert, gave his bi-annual ‘State of Drupal’ speech. During the keynote, he discusses what has happened, is happening, and will happen with Drupal. If you have the time, check out the video of his keynote right here:

Dries Buytaert Named Top 5 Most Talented CMS Executives in World, Jumps on Bed

On Tuesday, CMSWire named Dries Buytaert as one of the Top 5 CMS Executives in the World - 35 Years Old and Younger. Although this doesn’t come as much of a surprise, we are all very excited and proud of Dries none-the-less.

The announcement goes on to ask Dries about how he landed in the CMS industry, things he loves and hates about his job, and his life outside of work. Read the entire article

New Drupal Distribution for Higher Education

Higher education just got a Drupal boost. Acquia, the enterprise guide for social publishing and everything Drupal, announced this week that it now offering a Drupal distribution, OpenScholar, that is pre-configured for education institutions.

OpenScholar was developed by faculty members at Harvard’s University’s Institute of Quantitative Social Science and provides a rapid deployment for university microsites. Now higher education facilities can create turnkey sites for professors, researchers, and students quickly and efficiently.

This is exciting news for the Drupal community. As universities and colleges continue to spread the Drupal seed, a wider range of developers, academics, and professionals will grow with the CMS. Who knows, in ten years Drupal could be the Apple of social publishing!

The Nation Goes Drupal, Talks of Never Going Back, online home for the popular non-profit periodical devoted to politics and culture, was recently relaunched on the open source platform, Drupal. Their announcement, The Nation Goes Open Source, states the practical and technological benefits of open source code and social publishing platforms as main sources of inspiration for making the switch.

Drupal is a great platform for news organization, as its flexibility allows a continuously evolving platform of interactive and unanticipated news. Open source coding allows for the public to copy, modify, and redistribute the code without having to deal with royalties and fees. And what comes of it? Bigger ideas and better implementation.

The author of the article, Peter Rothberg, also said that migrating to Drupal was “a political act for The Nation – an embrace of technology and community.” The concept behind open source is transparency, something that reflects the core values of The Nation. Now that has gone Drupal, its not going back.


Google Search Gets Makeover

Did you notice anything about Google this week? New haircut, lost weight, changed its makeup? Well, if you guessed the latter you were right. Google Search got a makeover this week when its latest edition of its search interface was launched.

If you stare close enough, you will see some significant differences in the newest version of Google. The new edition’s changes, which were launched on Wednesday, can be broken into two major categories:

New Logo

Google decided to pump the brakes on their use of drop shadow with the new edition to the logo and remove the “TM” symbol. Check it the new logo look:

‘Simplicity’ has always Google’s modus operandi, and they definitely just cranked their already simple and clean look to 11. The new Google logo is being implemented across all of Google’s other properties.

Better Navigation

To compliment their new, simple design, Google also improved their left-hand navigation:

Now when you conduct a Google search, the left-hand navigation that you see above will appear. The sidebar provides you a way to change the type of search you want to make: images, news, blogs, shopping, etc. and includes a timeline helps you adapt your search.

This new system helps users refine search results by adapting to their specific needs – similar to what Bing was using a product differentiator in all their marketing initiatives. Overall, the changes by Google is meant to “unify” your search experience. While you adapt your search, the dynamic navigation bar stays on the left for easier steering through cyberspace.

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