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This Week in Drupal SEO News: The SEO Checklist 3, Google Buys AdMob and Chrome Gets Tested

Another exciting week is wrapping up at Volacci! And as much as we all love our jobs, Volaccians throughout the office are looking forward to Memorial Day Weekend. More specifically: the smell of charcoal grills, cooked meat, freshly cut grass, and the sounds of opening cans and the sizzle of sunburns and shish-kabobs. But let's also not forget to honor our soldiers!

This week witnessed the release of the SEO Checklist 3 for Drupal and one of our country’s most scandal-free divas, Christina Aguilera, migrate to Drupal.. in a bottle. Baby.

Join me for more Drupal SEO News after the jump.


Drupal SEO Checklist 3 Released!

Drupal SEO just got easier! Volacci is proud to announce the release of version 3 of the “SEO Checklist” module for Drupal 6. The SEO Checklist module, sponsored by Volacci, is the basis for the highly successful suite of modules that I recommend in my book: “Drupal 6 Search Engine Optimization”.

The new SEO Checklist Module adds more than a dozen recommendations, minor fixes, and updates that relate to changes form search leaders Google and Bing. A usability enhancement, integration with the “Vertical Tabs” module, simplifies user selections in the interface.

Click here for help in downloading and installing the Drupal SEO Checklist - Version 3.

Christina Aguilera Has Drupal In a Bottle

Christina Aguilera’s website, developed by Sony Music, was just relaunched using Drupal. Check out this screenshot:

This is one of the best Drupal sites that Sony Music has launched, and definitely helps spice up the Drupal community and image. As our society continues to produce more scandalous divas, we are sure happy that we got one that has her “drupal” together. Welcome to the community, Christina!


Google Chrome Speed Test Video

According to Google, these speed tests were filmed at actual web page rendering times.

Google Purchases AdMob

As iPhones, iPads, Palm Pres and Androids launch our communications into a new world of capabilities, it is increasingly important that mobile advertising becomes a larger part of your strategies and acquisitions. Mobile advertising is moving fast, there’s no doubt about it. And this week, mobile advertising dropped a brick on the gas pedal.

AdMob, one of the world’s largest mobile networks, was purchased by Google this week in hopes of capitalizing on an accelerating market growth. In the first three months of 2010, according to Google’s blog post on the acquisition, “people smartphones.. searched 62 percent more than they did in the previous three months.”

As smartphones grow smarter, the mobile search trend is evolving with the format. People can now “speak” searches on their smartphones, take photos, and even translate them into different languages. With Google’s acquisition, more advances are surely to come. They are currently developing ”Click to Call” search ads that allow users to call the advertisers immediately by clicking on the phone number in the ad.

Search advertising will continue to grow as a viable way for businesses to connect with consumers. This acquisition is also important to develop mobile websites and apps that make it easier for both advertisers and consumers to communicate through mobile-relevant content. AdMob has been the “Davy Crockett” of mobile search to this point, which is why Google busted out their checkbook.

Volacci recently began offering Mobile Advertising services to produce phenomenal results for clients by targeting audiences with location based services, engaging mobile subscribers in member communities and mobile social networks, and launching their brands into the endless consumer conversation.

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