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This Week in Drupal SEO News: Mollom with Webform Support, iPad Usage Tracking in Real-Time, and Foursquare Churns Rumor Mill

After a much anticipated wait, I finally got my iPad delivered to Volacci's offices in Austin on Monday. I can't begin to tell you how much I love gadgets and, this being the latest new release from Apple, I couldn't be more than thrilled! It's like my iPhone and my Macbook somehow came together to meld into one.

It's been an eventful week for Apple, Foursquare, and all you Drupalistas who are counting down the days to DrupalCon SF 2010. Drupal's Developer Summit kicks off the festivities in the Bay Area next week and the fun doesn't stop until nearly the end of April! For more details on iPad usage tracking, the Developer Summit, and Foursquare gossip, join me after the jump.


Mollom Module 6.x-1.13 Release Ships with Webform Support

On Monday, the latest published release for Mollom module (6.x-1.13) for Drupal was announced on Dries Buytaert’s blog. As you may know, the previous release for Mollom happened about a month and a half ago, but this new release “tweaks, extends, and improves the module code” and fixes a number of bugs, including several that involve audio CAPTCHAs.

The new Mollom module also features new scalability improvements to the module’s integration API that allows the module to support users who utilize thousands of Webforms. Mollom’s new changes makes it possible to integrate with the Webform module and will ship with Webform support. It is highly recommended by Dries himself to upgrade to the new Mollom 6.x-1.13 release.

Drupal SF 2010: Drupal Core Developer Summit

The 1st Annual Drupal Core Developer Summit is scheduled to be held on Saturday, April 17th, the weekend before DrupalCon SF 2010 (next weekend). Dries himself is helping organize the summit, with the goal of talking about ways to improve the Drupal core and the core development processes, all while having a good time. The Drupal 7 release date will be discussed, as well as “initial alignment” of Drupal 8!

There will be series of 10 minute lightning talks, as well as breakout sessions and other beefier discussions. The event is open to all, but there is a catch... all attendees much be ready to do a 10 minute lightning talk.

To get a ticket for the developer summit, you have to submit a 4 slide presentation. The submission deadline has been extended to Thursday, April 15th. So what are you waiting for? Switches to Drupal, Doubles Traffic Using SEO

One of UK’s leading publishers, IPC Media (Nuts, NME, Marie Claire, and Country Life), recently migrated to Drupal from a ColdFusion platform to reduce their maintenance costs.

Not only was IPC Media enthusiastic about the short time it took to redesign and migrate the site in Drupal, but, thanks to Drupal’s SEO capabilities, traffic to the site has doubled since it was relaunched in January.

Volacci believes that Drupal is the best platform there is for search engine-optimizing a website, and this story only furthers our proof for our beliefs.


Yahoo! Makes Foursquare an Offer

Yahoo! has their eye on Foursquare, the geolocation-based social network, according to multiple online sources. In fact, rumors are crawling out from under rocks that Yahoo! is considering to offer $100 million.

Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley has been spotted in meetings last week with all the big players in the Valley, including Apple, Facebook, and Twitter.

This wouldn’t be the first big acquisition for Yahoo!, who purchased Flickr and Delicious a few years back. The move makes sense for the search company, who is itching to stay afloat on the innovation wave of social and search.

However, Foursquare’s value is blazing a vapor trail across the sky and I would be very surprised to see the company get sold any time soon.

Apple Unveiled Multitasking, iAd with iPhone OS 4.0 Support

Apple’s new iPhone OS 4.0, the operating system for the next iPhone and iPod Touch releases, was unveiled yesterday. It came with some new features that make you feel tingly inside. The new functionality includes multitasking, drag and drop, and social gaming features.

The new multitasking functionality is the centerpiece of the new OS, which allows users to switch between software – i.e. continuing to listen to music from the iPod while downloading an app, running Skype, or checking your email. This new approach will inevitably improve data protection for professional users and the overall end user experience.

Tracking iPad Usage in Real-Time

With more than an estimated 1 million iPads released last weekend, many techno geeks gadget dorks logged off their Macbooks and are currently under the magic spell of Apple’s latest release. The iPad has just given mobile advertising more value, not only through a potentially profitable delivery format, but because tracking usage in real time just may be possible.

Well, it didn’t take long. Because on Monday, the Chitika Research team announced they are able to determine how many iPads are browsing the Internet at any given moment. Here is how they do it:

1. Chitika Research counts how many new, unique iPads come through their advertising network.

2. They multiple that by how much of the Internet can be seen at any given time to figure out how many iPads in total are out there.

3. They also determine where iPad traffic is coming from by state.

As of closing of business hours last night, there were already over 504,512 iPads sold, and still raising every second; While 75,137 were actively searching the Internet just yesterday. Check out Chitika Research’s iPad Stats page.

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