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This Week in Drupal SEO News: DrupalConSF2010, Volacci's Drupal SEO Commercial, and Twitter's New Business Model

Hopefully you are reading this blog post on a flight to San Francisco for DrupalConSF2010, Drupal's bi-annual conference. If you're not, I suggest you hit up, dive-roll Shatner's karate chop, and run down a moving airplane. When you wake back up from that adrenaline-inducing imagery, join me after the jump for more information on DrupalConSF2010, how to make your very own success story commercial, and Twitter's new business model.

DRUPAL NEWS DrupalConSF2010 In case you were stuck in a time warp, you know that DrupalConSF2010 kicks off this Monday, April 19th at the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco. With more than 2,500 people registered to attend, this will be the largest Drupal event ever thrown. There are speakers slotted from, Microsoft, and Rackspace, a sure sign that Drupal’s momentum has grown immensely over the last year. There will be truly electric sessions throughout the conference discussing Facebook applications, Twitter, SEO/CRO, iPhone and web services, e-commerce, and the future of Drupal. There are still a few days until the event kicks off, so you can still get signed up to attend sessions and seminars led by some of the brightest brains in Drupal. 
Register at: Like barnacles to a whale, several “unofficial” events have latched themselves onto the bookends of DrupalConSF2010. Here are more details on how to squeeze every last Drupal drop out of your trip to San Francisco: Developer’s Summit The 1st Annual Drupal Core Developer Summit is scheduled to be held on Saturday, April 17th, or tomorrow. Dries himself is helping organize the summit, with the goal of talking about ways to improve the Drupal core and the core development processes, all while having a good time. The Drupal 7 release date will be discussed, as well as “initial alignment” of Drupal 8! There will be series of 10 minute lightning talks, as well as breakout sessions and other beefier discussions. The event is open to all, but there is a catch... all attendees much be ready to do a 10 minute lightning talk. Pre-Conference Trainings Don’t think you’ll get enough Drupal “know-how” during regularly scheduled conference sessions? This Sunday, DrupalConSF2010 will offer all-day professional training courses on a broad range of topics taught by Drupal experts. These training sessions are very small, so chances are you will get tons of attention and ramp-up your Drupal knowledge all the way to 11. There is a catch. Trainings are only available to those who have a DrupalCon ticket. (And you need to bring your own laptop) Check out all the classes being offered here. Hurry, because all but four are sold out. The Drupal Unconference: Drupal It Yourself Also being hosted on Sunday, April 18th, is the Drupal Unconference: Drupal It Yourself. This is a DrupalCon-hosted event, but is open non-DrupalCon attendees who want to connect with other participants from the larger tech community and members of other open-source projects for a day of “unconference-style presentations and conversations.” This unconference is open to everyone, as long as they are willing to share. The motto of the unconference is “No Speakers - Only Participants”, so if you attend be ready to participate in one of the following ways: • Other technologies/languages integrating with Drupal • General Web Development Best Practices, Security Concerns, and Standards • Experimental Modules and Drupal Development • Case Studies • and anything too new to share at DrupalCon DrupalConSF2010 Keynote Speakers DrupalConSF2010 will get a kickstart on Monday with Drupal’s project lead, Dries Buytaert, giving his bi-annual “The State of Drupal” talk at 1:30 PM, discussing where Drupal currently is and where it is going. Talking points include Drupal 7, usability, and other emerging design and development news for Drupal. This should be a very exciting, very electric talk, as Drupal has been running downhill this year. On Tuesday, Tim O’Reilly, CEO of O’Reilly Media, will discuss “Open Source in the Cloud Era”, and the role of open source in the future. Are we moving towards an Internet operating system that hosts everything from mobile phone apps to web apps? Make sure you check Tim out at 1:30 PM for a very engaging, visionary talk about open source. David Cole, from the New Media Team at the Whitehouse, will start Wednesday’s keynote by discussing the migration to Drupal, and the government’s future plans to use Drupal and open source. Other panelists also discussing their experiences with Drupal in the government include Andrew Hoppin, CIO NY State Senate, and Lee Mosbrucker, Enterprise Architect. DrupalConSF2010 SEO Events Volacci’s Drupal SEO Hands-On Pre-Conference Training The Volacci team will walk its attendees through basic Drupal knowledge – logging in, installing modules – to more advanced SEO topics, i.e. site organization, A/B testing, conversion strategies, and automatic content tagging. Unfortunately for you, the session is currently SOLD OUT. Fortunately for Volacci, the session is SOLD OUT!! You never know, though, if someone is a no show or has to cancel at the last moment, you could snag a last minute spot! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your Drupal site - Session by Jen Lampton Jen Lampton, a Drupal developer at Chapter Three LLC, will be presenting Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your Drupal site on Tuesday morning from 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM in Room 305 Gravitek Labs. In her presentation, she will lead the group in an SEO-tune up for a basic Drupal site, discuss different modules you need and how to configure them, and improve some overlooked Drupal features that will help your rankings. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) for Drupal - Session by Stephanie Pakrul & Ben Finklea Directly following Jen Lampton’s presentation on SEO, Stephanie Pakrul, from TopNotchThemes, and I will be giving a presentation on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) for Drupal in the exact same room, 305 Gravitek Labs. 
The focus of this session is to take your SEO to the next level in 2010. Simple, conversion-focused adjustments to well-executed SEO initiatives can help significantly improve (40-50%) your conversion rates. I will also cover: • Keeping web visitors engaged • Calls to Action that really work • Eye patterns - picking one that works for you • How to set up A/B and Multivariate testing using Google Website Optimizer • The multiplier effect from improvements across SEO, PPC, and conversion rates • How to sell your clients on CRO This session is for Intermediate to Expert Drupalistas, so come prepared to hit the ground running! Birds of a Feather SEO Session If CRO for Drupal feels a little overwhelming and you want to a more casual session, check out this Birds of Feather session: Mark Brown is hosting a Birds of a Feather session called Boost your Drupal site with SEO on Tuesday, April 20, 2010 from 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM. This is occurring during my session, so I would advise you to stop by mine first to see if you’re up to speed. And another reason to sit through CRO for Drupal is: Volacci’s iSearch Contest Volacci will be hosting an iSearch contest throughout the conference with an EPIC iPrize to the winner! There will be a lot of clues given throughout the week, with a critical clue to be unveiled during the CRO for Drupal session. So be there for a chance to win an iPrize that will make you giggle like a junior high sex ed class. SEARCH NEWS Make Your Own Search Story Commercial Google’s Super Bowl 60 second spot Parisian Love was a huge success. So big that a few parodies were made, (naturally). Now you can make your own. This week Google introduced a simple video creation tool that helps you make your own search story commercial. All you need to do is type in your Google searches, pick some music and - WHAMMY! - you’ve got your very own video! Here is Volacci’s very own search story commercial: Drupal SEO Love

Twitter’s New Business Model: Promoted Tweets It’s hard to believe, but Twitter has been tweeting for four years now. And ever since its popularity hit a tipping point, everyone has been asking how it can make money? On Tuesday, Twitter tried to answer that question with Promoted Tweets. Promoted Tweets Promoted Tweets will not work quite like Google’s AdWords, which places its text-based ads alongside search results. Promoted Tweets will actually be tweets, which will most likely be placed on top of the search results, and distinguishable by a different background color. It will also be labeled as a promotional tweet, so you can’t miss it. You will still be able to retweet, respond, and favorite it, just like tweets of yore. 
The first promoted tweets are already live, the first being from Starbucks, as seen above. Companies and brands will have a chance to buy keywords, like paid search campaigns, on a CPM basis. Twitter eventually plans to move to an ROI model, with a new metric called “resonance”. Resonance will measure user interaction with the promoted tweet: how many times it was viewed, retweeted, and how many times keywords or links are engaged with. Customers will develop a “resonance score”, which is also still in development. Resonance will most likely be tweaked in the near future with geolocation, so that campaigns can be customized for a local restaurant or concert hall, for example. There are still plenty of questions to be answered and wrinkles to be ironed out, like, can a company retweet a customer endorsement, and then use it as a promoted tweet? Think about that, Tweeters. Apple Helps iAd Producers The early adopters of the new iAd format are getting some much needed help.. from Apple themselves. The buzz around the mobile market is that Apple will help produce ads for marketers to assure they meet quality standards. For the first couple months, they will be coding and programming all the ads, and giving advertisers some magical pixie dust from Apple’s creative savvy. But Apple isn’t staying in the ad production business for long, rather they are just ramping iAd up to 88 MPH for the early adopters in hopes to luring more brands into the format. While Apple looks to keeping their involvement to a minimum in the future, according to one agency developer, there is currently no way to create an iAd without assistance from Apple. They did release the specs to include iAds in applications, but not specs that actually tell you how to make the ads yet. Right now, they are focusing on educating agencies and then the market will naturally grow. Thanks For Reading! Did you find this post entertaining, useful, or interesting? Please repost, retweet, or redistribute to any of the social sites of your choice, and please subscribe to our RSS feed for daily fodder. For every RSS subscription Volacci gets, a kitten earns its whiskers. You like kittens, don’t you? Do the right thing, then. Subscribe. We also are very interested in what you have to say in response to this blog post. As always we are very grateful for you, our reader, and greatly value your input. Please start a conversation with a comment below.