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This Week in Drupal SEO News: Drupal at SXSWi, iPhones Learn to Multitask, and the Google Oscars

It’s a busy week here in Austin as techno-geeks, Drupalistas, and interactive industry leaders descend upon the Live Music Capitol of the World for the first leg of the SXSW Festival: SXSW Interactive (SXSWi). Starting today and running through Tuesday, March 16th, the best new websites, video games, and startup ideas will be networked and showcased throughout the international interactive community via panels, awards, the trade show, parties, and much more. If you’ve never been to SXSWi, or even the Film and Music portion, you are missing out on the most engaging, inspirational, and exhilarating experiences of a lifetime! I hope, though, that you are reading this on a macbook with your morning coffee, waiting for your first SXSWi session to start. So enough with all the creativity radiating from downtown Austin, let’s talk about some news in the Drupal SEO circles that may perk your interest.

DRUPAL NEWS Drupal at SXSWi If you love Drupal, and I hope you do, then you may already know this. But if you aren’t a raving fan of the open source content management system just yet, then now is the time to pony up to the bar. Drupal founder and project lead, Dries Buytaert, is a panel speaker at this year’s festival and his session is called R.I.P. Content Management System. On Monday, March 15 at 11:00 AM in Ballroom B interact with Dries Buytaert while he leads the discussion on “how social publishing will bring content and community together” and how “open source technologies are disrupting the market and moving into mainstream enterprises.” This is an intriguing talking point, and Dries is one of the best people you can have lead a discussion about the future of Open Source and content management systems. The micro-evolution of online publishing is truly nearing a point of critical mass, with the emerging Kindle and iPad, the growing popularity of e-books, and the converging of communities around Web 2.0 businesses and brands. Drupal is a perfect example, with constantly evolving systems like Drupal 7 Alpha 2 and DrupalGardens. It’s truly exciting to be a part of this moment, as I’m sure you will feel the energy in the room when Dries starts the conversation. Want another reason to join Dries at SXSWi? He is having a fun contest with the newest member of the Drupal and Acquia family, Druplipet pictured under the DRUPAL NEWS headline. Tweet your most creative picture with it and win tickets to next month’s DrupalconSF2010! There are other facets of the contest, so use the contest link to get more details. Volacci at DrupalconSF2010 Last Friday, the DrupalconSF2010 committee notified speakers whose sessions were chosen from the 400 submissions to make up the official conference schedule (to be released on Monday for personal customization). Volacci is humbled and excited to announce that the voters (that means YOU) have chosen: Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) for Drupal session to be a part of your experience! I will be co-presenting with our good friend Stephanie Pakrul of TopNotchThemes on how to take your SEO to the next level. 
Here are seven things that you will learn from this session: • How to keep your website’s visitors engaged • Calls to Action that really work • Eye patterns – picking one and making it work for you • How to set up A/B and Multivariate testing using Google Website Optimizer • The multiplier effect from improvements across SEO, PPC, and conversion rates • How to sell your clients on the need for Conversion Rate Optimization. Stephanie and I are looking forward to this session and we hope that you will come engage us with tons of questions! See you in 40 days? DrupalconSF 2010 Pre-Conference Training With DrupalconSF2010 a little over a month away, now is the time to make all your professional and after-party plans. If three days in the Moscone Center just isn’t enough of a Drupal fix, check out the Drupal Trainings available during the Drupal Unconference. This year Drupalcon is offering affordable, all-day professional courses taught by Drupal experts. Each training is eight hours and is available as an add-on when you purchase your ticket (if you haven’t already). Volacci is hosting a Drupal SEO Hands-On Training pre-conference session. We will cover basic Drupal SEO knowledge, walk you through recommended Drupal SEO modules, configurations, and content, as well as take a deeper look into SEO site organization, A/B testing, landing page optimization, conversion strategies, and automatic content tagging. If you want a significant online advantage over your non-Drupal competitors and to maximize the ROI of your Drupal web site, don't miss this training session! As of publication, there are still 20 seats available, so please sign up now! The City of Athens Goes Drupal So you may heard about the City of Athens in the news over the last few years:riots, economic bailouts, and those pesky Persians. They are a far cry from the Golden Age of Pericles, that’s for sure. But with economic strife and hardship comes critical decisions. Maybe the Greeks should take a page out of Bob Wiley’s life and take baby steps. And they have. The City of Athens has taken one small, but crucial baby step by launching their new official website using Drupal, along with another Drupal-based visitor and tourism site: If you’ve been to Athens, then you know of the classical history and majestic vibe of the city. Athens itself is around 3.5 million residents and they receive, with open arms, 6 million tourists each year. The site includes a large calendar of city events, interactive tools for access to city resources, and a comprehensive map of services and restaurants. The site supports both Greek- and English-speaking visitors. If you haven’t seen the Acropolis, Parthenon, and Pantheon first hand, I highly recommend putting Athens on your list of future vacation spots. SEARCH NEWS Nominate Austin as Google’s Fiber High-Speed Internet Test Market Google recently announced that they intend to build an internet with “no limits and hundreds of times faster than the one you use now.” This will be an experimental network of fiber-optic cables to between 50,000 and 500,000 homes, with network speeds of up to 1 billion bits-per-second. All they need is a test market to build it in. (Queue sexy music) We all know that Austin is the right place for Google to build their big gigabit inter-network. The community is rich with innovative, forward-thinking citizens who are fully engaged, if not running, with the tech industry. Applications are due March 26, 2010. And the City of Austin is all over this like hippies in a cow field. You can also make a difference in what city Google selects by visiting: and nominate Austin as Google’s test market. It’s very quick and very easy. Do it. NOW! Apple to introduce multi-tasking to iPhone According to sources who hide under the bed of Steve Jobs at night, Apple will be introducing multitasking support to the iPhone in its 4.0 firmware release. Currently, a similar functionality has yet to be announced for the iPad. The lack of multitasking abilities of Apple’s innovative products, the iPhone and iPad, have been the target of criticism by consumers and jokes by competitors. With the new functionality, you should be able to use two applications at once. The other complaint that has reverberated as loudly as the multitasking issue is the exclusion of Flash from all Apple devices. As of publication, Apple will not be moving forward on that complaint. Other smaller complaints concerning battery life and phone performance are being improved upon with the new iPhone 3GS release. Google’s Oscar®-Search Numbers During last Sunday’s Oscars®, Google search became an important part of many people’s viewing experience. Before and during the broadcast, there was a flood of related queries on Google that inundated the hot searches list on Google Trends. Google was well aware of how the programming and their search engine were synching up through the evening. On the Official Google Blog, you can view search volume charts for the movies and stars in relation to when they were featured in the Academy Awards®, divided in several groups: Fashion, Winners, Gossip, and Memorable Moments. Check out Google’s Oscar®-Search Winners for yourself. Thanks For Reading! Did you find this post entertaining, useful, or interesting? Please repost, retweet, or redistribute to any of the social sites of your choice, and please subscribe to our RSS feed for daily fodder. For every RSS subscription Volacci gets, a kitten earns its whiskers. You like kittens, don’t you? Do the right thing, then. Subscribe. Did we miss something important to Drupal SEO? 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