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This Week in Drupal SEO News: Drupal Gardens Improves SEO, Mollom Module Makes History, and "Life in a Day" Experiment Launched

I hope everyone had a wonderful and patriotic 4th of July! It's been another eventful week in the world: A dynamite basketball trio takes Miami by storm, Spain and The Netherlands make it to their first World Cup Final, and the United States is conducting their first spy swap with Russia in decades. Now its back to business as (un)usual here at Volacci.

This week Drupal Gardens received yet another update, featuring some improved SEO features. The Mollom module was also very busy over the holiday weekend, and a very intriguing new cinematic experiment was officially launched this week. Join me after the jump for this week in Drupal SEO news.


Drupal Gardens Update Improves SEO, Media, and Much More

As Drupal Gardens continues to improve, I continue to be impressed. This week,Chris Brookins from Acquia posted about the recent update for Drupal Gardens.

As per his post, a new version of Drupal Gardens was released with improved SEO, Media, and CSS-view, to name a few. Here is the actual list Chris posted:

• Updated all sites to include all Drupal 7 core changes through June 21. For a complete list of what is new, see the raw CVS commit messages from June 1 to June 21.

• Added support for XML sitemaps to help search engines index your important pages for better SEO. The XML site map can be optionally configured to include references to important menus and content on your site. Once indexed by a search engine, your site's XML site map will be displayed in search results.

• Improved the usability of media browsing, media management and finding media content.

• In the ThemeBuilder's Styles > Borders and Spacing tab, you now can set any attribute such as width, height, border or padding to auto (e.g. use the default value that the browser calculates) or inherit (the value inherited from the parent element).

• In the ThemeBuilder, you can now optionally choose to display the selected elements using CSS selectors or natural language terminology. With View CSS: Off (the default) elements you click will be displayed in natural language -- e.g. All paragraphs in all field-items in the main region. With View CSS: On elements you click will be displayed using CSS selectors -- e.g. #main .field-item p, which is useful when working with raw CSS in the Advanced tab.

• In the ThemeBuilder's Power theming mode, the element selector now shows more elements on the screen at once, and for long elements, you can scroll left or right to see all of it, without wrapping to a new line.

• Added Indent / Outdent buttons to the WYSIWYG editor.

• Zapped a truck-load of bugs reported by our incredible beta testers.

While using a sitemap does not guarantee that every page will be included in the search engines, it does helps the search engine crawlers find more of your pages. In my experience, submitting an XML Sitemap to Google will greatly increase the number of pages when you do a site: search.

Mollom Blocks 250M Spam Attempts

Mollom is quite possibly the hardest working module in the entire Drupal stable, and never takes a day off. So when the entire United States is celebrating Independence Day with cold beverages, juicy meats, and controlled, colorful explosions, Mollom is kicking major spam butt.

Although Mollom hasn’t yet to reach the likes of Lev Yashin, Gordon Banks, and Peter Schmeichel, the spam-blocking module is racking up quite a score for itself. On Sunday, when you were probably reveling in the fact that you didn’t have to work Monday, Mollom was blocking its 250,000,000th piece of spam. Congrats Mollom team from the whole Volacci team for creating such a efficient spam-blocking module for Drupal!


The “Life in a Day” Experiment

Everyone in the world has a unique perspective on life. With 6.7 billion people in the world, that is an amazing amount of different perspectives each and every day. This week, Google and LG Electronics announced a cinematic experiment that will attempt to document one day, as seen through the eyes of people around the world.

The experiment is called “Life in a Day” and on July 24th, you have 24 hours to capture a snapshot of your life on camera. You can film the ordinary – daily commute, little league baseball game, a cat fight or the extraordinary – the birth of a child or the passing of a loved one.

Kevin McDonald, an Oscar-winning director, will edit the most compelling footage into a feature-length documentary, which will be executive-produced by Ridley Scott. The film will premiere at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.

You have between July 24th and July 31st to upload your footage to the “Life in a Day” channel. Whether your footage is selected for the film or not, your video will live on the Life in a Day channel as a time capsule that can be viewed by future generations who want to know what it was like to be alive on July 24th, 2010.

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