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This Week in Drupal SEO News: Drupal Gardens Hits Milestone, Mobile Search Gets Apps, and AP Stylebook Nods to Social Media

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend, full of grilling, family, and friends! It has been another eventful week in the world: a giant sinkhole in Guatemala City swallowed up a three-story building, an umpire blows a call in an MLB game and costs a young pitcher, Armando Galarraga, a perfect game, and BP is announcing they have made progress with a new containment solution for the oil spill. But I digress.

Join me after the jump to read about the milestone Drupal Gardens hit this week, new developments in Mobile Search results, and a better-late-than-never moment with the AP Stylebook.


Drupal Gardens Hits 10,000

Earlier this year, Acquia launched the private beta of Drupal Gardens, a hosted release of Drupal. A couple of days ago, the 10,000th Drupal Gardens site was created! This is a real indicator of Drupal’s growing popularity and how incredible the Drupal community truly is!

Drupal Gardens was created to increase the awareness of Drupal and its amazing platform for building awesome websites. And it’s become successful very quickly. The next step for Drupal Gardens is releasing it as an open beta, instead of an invitation-only private beta, as it is currently being run. look for more tweaks, tunes, and fixes in the near future so that even more people can enjoy the benefits of Drupal Gardens.

Dries Moving to Boston, Likes D’em Apples

The founder and project lead of Drupal, Dries Buytaert, is moving to Boston from Antwerp, Belgium – where he has lived most of his life. The primary reason Dries is moving is because his company, Acquia, is in Boston and he wants to spend more time in person there, without having to spend piles of cash and oodles of time traveling back and forth from New England to Northern Europe. Check out Dries’ blog post on moving, where he gives a more detailed explanation into his decision.

I will say, however, that we are very happy that Dries is moving the greater 48 and look forward to helping show him and his family a very hospitable time.


AP Stylebook 2010 Adds Social Media Rules

The AP Stylebook released 42 new social media guidelines this week, including some changes that we have all felt in our hearts for years. One of the most notable is an official change of “Web site” to “website” (finally!). Some other interesting changes include separating out “smart phone” as two words, hyphenating “e-reader”, and allowing fan, friend, and follow to be utilized as both nouns and verbs.

The AP Stylebook also addressed the growing number of acronyms that are being used in text and instant messaging. While most are commonly known to web and mobile users – i.e. LOL, OMG, and ROFL – there are some that you may have not heard, if you don’t have a teenager at home. For ex: “POS” stands for “parent over shoulder”, indicating that a parent is approaching or in range to read what’s being communicated.

The AP also addressed some basic rules covering how journalists should use and should not use social media, specifically focusing on the continued practice of confirming sources and information they find on all forms of social media.

Google Mobile Search Now Includes Apps

Next time you conduct a Google search on your iPhone or Android, the results are going to be slightly different. And when I say different, I mean different ‘good’. Now you get apps as a results along with regular search results.

The new links take you directly to the app’s page in either the Android’s of iPhone’s app store, where you can buy or download said app immediately. This new addition to mobile SERPs significantly reduces the amount of clicking, cutting-and-pasting, and back button navigation throughout the process of searching for and downloading apps.

The new functionality is only available in the U.S. right now, but should be rolled out soon internationally.

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