Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on April 2nd, 2010

This Week in Drupal SEO News: Drupal Gardens Gets Rebeta'd, Google Launches Ad Innovations, and Facebook "Likes" Everything

Last week, Volacci celebrated its 2-year anniversary with a segway tour of downtown Austin. We may have been the dorks flying around the sidewalks like maniacs, but it sure was a blast! The above photo shows our team taking a break from our seg-racing in front of the State Capitol of Texas. So far, it's been a good Friday and I hope yours is good as well. We are now entering the last couple of weeks leading up to DrupalCon SF 2010. People are putting together their survival kits and planning their non-conference adventures. But you can't go into a big conference without being informed! Without exposing the man behind the curtain, here is this week's Drupal SEO news, after the jump.

DRUPAL NEWS New Drupal Book: Drupal E-commerce with Ubercart 2.x Drupal E-commerce with Ubercart 2.x, by George Papadongonas and Yiannis Doxaras, is a new title from Packt Publishing that is aimed at business owners and Drupal users who want to create, administer, and design their own online shop. The great thing about this book is that you don’t need development expertise or technical savvy, just the desire to learn how to sell shipping goods, downloadable products, recurring memberships, and event tickets. 5 Things You’ll Learn: • Create a powerful e-shop using the award-winning CMS Drupal and the robust e-commerce module Ubercart • Create and manage the product catalog and insert products in manual or batch mode • Apply SEO (search engine optimization) to your e-shop and adopt turn-key Internet marketing techniques • Implement advanced techniques like cross-selling, product comparison, coupon codes, and segmented pricing • A step-by-step tutorial with an example-oriented approach and many screenshots to seamlessly guide you through the book • You can get a 15% discount on the print version and 20% discount for the ebook when you buy through Just enter the discount codes: DrupalEcom15 (for print) and DrupalEcomeBook (for ebook) at the shopping cart. 2010 Google Summer of Code Project Applications Now Open Just like the title says: 2010 Google Summer of Code applications are now open! Summer of Code is a very cool program by Google in which student developers are paid a stipend for working on open source projects, under the guidance of mentors. 2010 will mark Drupal’s sixth year for being accepted as a mentoring organization, and has benefited greatly over the years from their involvement. This year, Drupal is looking to surpass their success, but they need students and mentors. Students It is highly recommended that students who are interested in applying first join the Summer of Code 2010 group. They can then throw their ideas out to the group for discussion. This will help develop a more thorough proposal, and better the student’s chance of acceptance. Here are a few more resources that applicants should familiarize themselves with before applying: • General requirements for all Summer of Code projects • HOWTO: Write a Summer of Code proposal • Advice for Students Mentors Every Summer of Code student is assigned two mentors. These mentors are members of the Drupal community who have the knowledge and passion to help the future developers of Drupal. The time requirement is around 5 hours a week. Here are two resources for potential mentors: • Advice for Mentors • Mentor Application Drupal Gardens Gets Re-Beta'd Drupal Gardens, a comprehensive Drupal platform for building powerful social sites by Acquia, just got better. Following their last sprint this week, the Acquia engineering teams delivered a slew of new features and bug fixes to Drupal Gardens (beta). According to Chris Brookins of Acquia, the following new features are now available: • Custom domain names are now supported. During 2010, site creators can map any custom domain that they own to their Gardens site for free. Starting January 1, 2011 a small upgrade fee will be required to continue to use custom domains. • An integrated pop-up help panel was added to and all drupalgardens sites. The help panel provides quick access to videos (many coming soon), documentation, the community forums, as well as a new support system with an integrated knowledge base and troubleshooter. • Gardens site upgrades can now be performed with only 2 min of maintenance time per site • The speed of ThemeBuilder "Save" or "Publish" was improved by 90%. • Updated the Campaign, Minima and Sonoma base themes to better support the styling of forums, comments, blog posts, block quotes, polls, tables, etc. Other themes such as Sparks will also get these updates by the end of the current sprint. • Added support for Mollom to help you stop comment and content spam on your site. To enjoy the benefits of Mollom, simply enable the Mollom module, and follow the instructions in Configuration > Mollom > Settings to obtain and enable your free Mollom account. • You can put your own site in maintenance as needed - e.g. for large content or design changes. • The overlay menu can now be disabled if desired. • Over 50 additional bugs in Drupal 7, Drupal 7 contrib modules and Gardens have been resolved. Any fixes to Drupal 7 or Drupal 7 contrib modules were of course contributed back to so everyone could benefit. Please note: Drupal Gardens is still in beta, which means that it isn’t ready for production. However, if you are talented in coding and want to get on the list to receive the beta code, sign up immediately. It’s first come, first serve! SEARCH NEWS Google Launches Ad Innovations Google launched a new place this week for you to explore new marketing ideas and advertising technologies, called Ad Innovations. It is a place where Google can share their ideas on evolving advertising technologies and gather feedback from advertisers and other users as to how they can be improved. You can watch demos, try the latest tools, and share your thoughts on the future of online advertising. One of the cool new features that is being showcased is a set of AdWords reports called Search Funnels. These reports describe the search ad click and impression behavior leading put to a conversion, as well as give you data on how your “upper-funnel” keywords assist conversions beyond the click. If you’re interested in the future of online advertising, check out Ad Innovations. Facebook “Likes” the Whole Internet On the eve of their F8 Developer Conference this month, the Facebook buzz continues to build. The social media giant is beginning to test tons of new features with third party developers. One of these new features is the extension of Facebook Connect and the Facebook API that allows publishers to add a “Like” button to any piece of content on their site. Currently, you can “share” content with Facebook via a simple button. Rumor has it, however, that the new “Like” feature will go well beyond sharing. This is not only great news for publishers of online content, but very good for Facebook. Now, hundreds of thousands of websites will be scrambling to reformat their content to meet Facebook’s preferences. Not to mention all the data that may be involved in such a venture. This is a really big deal. Facebook will have a presence on almost every notable web page on the internet. While Google spends serious cash indexing the entire web, Facebook will have the web to index itself, exclusively for them. If you haven’t looked into Social Media Optimization (SMO), it may be a good time to do so. 
 Facebook’s First Political Donation Page Yet another first for Facebook: The Republican candidate for Massachusetts Governor, Charlie Baker, claims the first ever Facebook Politician Donation Page. Why not talk to people where they hang out the most? With more than 400 million users, don’t be surprised if you see more donation pages pop up as 2012 looms larger in your rearview. Google Changes Name to “Topeka” Early last month the mayor of Topeka, Kansas, Bill Bunten, announced that his city was changing its name to Google, in a move to entice Google’s new high-speed-broadband internet project to their streets. In an honorable gesture, Google changed its name to Topeka for one day: April Fool’s Day. For one day, instead of ‘googling’ something, you can ‘topeka’ it. Google is known for their April Fool’s jokes and crazy logo variations. In a clear example of the company’s sense of humor, a rather detailed Google, I mean, Topeka blog post explains the name change. “Topeka” wraps up the post by explaining that the name change has no bearing on which city will be chosen to their experimental ultra-high-speed broadband project. This is good news for all the Austinites who are still drooling at the thought of faster downloads. Thanks For Reading! Did you find this post entertaining, useful, or interesting? Please repost, retweet, or redistribute to any of the social sites of your choice, and please subscribe to our RSS feed for daily fodder. For every RSS subscription Volacci gets, a kitten earns its whiskers. You like kittens, don’t you? Do the right thing, then. Subscribe. We also are very interested in what you have to say in response to this blog post. As always we are very grateful for you, our reader, and greatly value your input. Please start a conversation with a comment below.