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This Week in Drupal SEO News: Drupal 7 Beta Release, Drupal Gardens Goes Open Beta, and Drupal's new iPhone App: Drupad

As you can see from the photo above, Volacci's DrupliPet found itself amongst a wide array of friends this week. Our eccentric and often times culturally-obscure Content Manager babysat DrupliPet on his desk, and exposed him to a slew of vinyl characters, action figures, and PEZ dispensers. Let's just say we lost a week of training with the DrupliPet... but I digress.

The Drupal community has certainly been busy this week: Drupal's iPhone App was released, Drupad, Drupal Gardens was released in open beta, and Dries gave an intriguing interview at the Open Source Convention in Portland, with remarks concerning the Drupal 7 beta and full releases. Join me after the jump for: This Week in Drupal SEO News.


Drupal 7 Beta in August?!

This last week at the O’Reilly Open Source Convention in Portland, Drupal founder Dries Buytaert was interviewed by InfoWorld where he gave an update on the status of Drupal 7. According to the interview transcript published by NetworkWorld, Dries is optimistic that we could see a Drupal 7 beta release in early August, depending on how quickly 44 critical bugs are taken care of – like how to keep the bacon fresh...

A few comments to note: A ton of new features have been added to the core - including approximately 70 contributed modules added – including Content Construction Kit – and significant improvement to usability. This means that Drupal 7 is expected to be slower than Drupal 6, but will be superior in overall functionality. Dries also added that we may see the full Drupal 7 release in the September-October timeframe.

Currently the CTO of Acquia, Dries Buytaert has been working on Drupal for 10 years and released the open source technology back in 2001.

Introducing the Drupad: The Drupal App

Now you can manage all your Drupal sites from your iPhone! Drupal now has an app, appropriately called Drupad, which you can download for one President Lincoln.

Here is a list of features:

• Manage any number of Drupal websites

• Post comments

• Read, moderate, publish, delete your comments (Mollom support)

• Moderate your content (Mollom too!)

• Promote, make sticky, publish, unpublish nodes

• Share via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Delicious, Read It Later and more

• Manage your users, block / unblock, send them email, visit their profile

• Your users don’t have picture?! We grab them from Gravatar as a fallback

• Check for Drupal, modules and themes updates, works with disabled modules and themes too!

• Status report dashboard

• View recent log entries

• Run cron tasks

• Backup your database with Backup & migrate module

• Drag to refresh and to load more content

• Built-in web browser

• Application access is protected by a secret code

• Give your community or users the permission to use the app on your website

• Device rotation support everywhere

• Optimized to be fast even with no 3G or Wifi available

• Tested with Pressflow and Open Atrium - should work with any Drupal website!

• Intelligent caching mechanism (content and images)

One thing to note is that this app only supports Drupal 6 and the upcoming Drupal 7. (Sorry, all you Drupal 5 folks, time to upgrade)

Purchase Drupad from the iPhone App Store or at:

Drupal Gardens Now in Open Beta

Now anyone can use Drupal Gardens and create a free Drupal 7 site! Acquia’s Drupal Gardens is now in open beta, which means no more beta codes, no more waiting to try it out for yourself. Launching your own hosted Drupal site is now easier than ever before.

If you are familiar with Drupal Gardens, or have your own Drupal Gardens site already, you will be happy to know that this latest release includes site duplication. This gives you the ability to clone an existing site, including its design, functionality, information architecture and content, in order to create a new site. It is expected that this functionality will evolve into site and theme marketplace where anyone and everyone can share site template for use by others. This is truly a defining moment for Drupal and open source.


Google Introduces Apps for Government

This week Google added a salvo of new apps to Google Apps that are specifically designed to let government agencies cut IT costs and empower employees. Officially deemed Google Apps for Government, these apps are the same apps everyone knows and loves, with specific measures to address the policy and security needs of the public sector.

Because of these new measures, Google Apps is now “the first suite of cloud computing messaging and collaboration applications to receive Federation Information Security Management Act (FISMA) certification and accreditations from the U.S. General Services Administration.”

This is a great sign for both Google and government employees, as this means that government customers can now move to Google’s App cloud without worrying about security of data. Because secure data is good data...

For more details, check out the Official Google Blog.

Google’s Search Story of the Week: New Baby

Google’s Search Story of the Week captures the joy of becoming a new parent – from learning the ropes of parenthood to the costs of everything. Check it out:

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