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This Week in Drupal SEO News: Developers Save, Google Logo Photomosiac Video, Firefox 4 Talks Extensions

It’s a great day to be alive and an even greater day to work with Drupal! Welcome to the Volacci Blog's weekly update on all news Drupal SEO. It's officially tornado season here in the Austin, Texas. Our neighbors to the north, Oklahoma, were unfortunately hit by seven or eight tornados earlier this week and expect more over the weekend. So if you happen to live or be in "tornado alley" this weekend and see anything that looks like the picture above, please head in the opposite direction. But I digress.

It's been a busy week at Volacci's news desk so I have a lot to share with you. Join me after the jump for Drupal developers saving the day for, a fun DrupalConSF2010 video, and Firefox 4 rumors of more user control! We jump in 3...2...1...


Drupal Developers Save

Earlier this week, a cross-site vulnerability was discovered in the Drupal Context module, a release candidate used on several sites including The Context module allows you to manage contextual conditions and reactions from portions of your site, as shown here:

Upon hearing of this vulnerability, the development team behind the Context module dashed to phone booth and burst forth in dramatic fashion with a released version 6.x-2.0-rc4, which fixes the vulnerability. Drupal developers were able to save from this vulnerability in an impressive fashion, and still have time to rescue a cat from a tree branch!!

In all seriousness, this is a great example of how responsive the Drupal community is to issues that may arise with Drupal’s open source coding. Most Drupal critics are quick to point out that Drupal has security issues and vulnerabilities, which make it a less appealing CMS. But what they don’t acknowledge is how progressive, accountable, and visionary the Drupal community is. There may be a vulnerability here or there, but it sure gets patched quickly and passionately.

Via Rail Goes Drupal

Via Rail Canada, the national passenger rail service compliments of the Government of Canada, recently migrated its website to Drupal.

According to the website, they operate 503 trains weekly on 12,500 kilometers of track, so – doing some quick math – VIA carried millions of people a year. And just like any business that operates on such a scale, their website is very important to their business.

Guidelight Business Solutions DrupalConSF2010 Video

Guidelight Business Solutions, a web design and development company from Cedar Park, TX, were noobs to the DrupalCon scene this year in San Francisco. The video they made of their experience, however, was nothing short of inspiring. Put to the soundtrack of The Drupal Song, please enjoy their video “Live from DrupalConSF: DrupalSOng - Presented by Guidelight Business Solutions”:


The Google Logo in 884 4x6 Photographs Video

This week a bunch of Googlers in the London offices got together and created a photomosiac of the Google logo using 4x6 high resolution photographs of people, places and things around the U.K. Then, because it wasn’t already awesome, they videotaped it and an incredible video of the entire process. Check it out:

Google Goggles Now with Translation Feature

Last December, Google launched Google Goggles as a new way to search using your mobile phone’s camera. Take a picture and Goggles will identify the landmark, book, artwork, wine label, etc. in order to scratch your curiosity itch.

Last week, Google released a new version of Goggles with a translation feature. Just point your phone camera at a foreign word or phrase and choose the “region of interest button” to select specific words. Once the word is selected by Goggles, you choose the source and destination languages and press “translate”.

Here’s the catch: To use, you need Google Goggles v.1.1 on an Android device that runs on versions 1.6 or higher.

Mozilla Discusses Search-Based Extension Distribution

In a discussion concerning the features of the upcoming Firefox 4 release, Director of Firefox, Mozilla’s Mike Beltzner, sides with the user in increasing their control over data and the overall browsing experience. This is a bit off message for the search industry, as the current trend is giving users less control over the management of their search experience.

This move shows that Firefox is hoping to capitalize on its extensibility, making browser customization more apparent for users and easier to access. Mozilla would benefit because users will become more attached to their customized browser and less likely to defect to another default browser. Customization for users could become Mozilla’s equivalent to iPhone apps – software that engages the user and enhances Firefox’s value and experience.

This idea should also appeal to search engines because search results will provide more immediate value to the end user. We will see when Firefox 4 is released later this year.

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