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This Week in Drupal SEO News: DC Copenhagen Keynotes Announced, DrupalCamps Organizer Survey Results and Google’s App Inventor

Do you want to know why there is a lion in that photo? So do I. Maybe he is earning money to buy a ticket to DrupalCon Copenhagen. If I was a lion, that’s probably what I would do. Or I would just walk in. Because I’m a lion. What are you going to do, ask to see my badge?! I would probably eat your computer first. Then chew up your power cord so you had to rush to an Apple store. But I digress. (Did I ever progress?)

Join me after the jump for DrupalCon Copenhagen keynote speakers, the DrupalCamps Organizer Survey Results and Google’s new App Inventor.


DrupalCon Copenhagen: Keynote Speakers Announced recently posted the keynote speakers for DrupalCon Copenhagen 2010. (It slightly resembles the NL pitching staff that won the 2010 MLB All-Star Game this past Tuesday): Rasmus Lerdorf, Jeremy Keith, and (of course) Dries Buytaert. I would start any of these guys on my fantasy baseball team...

Here is a quick peak at the awesomeness they will be subjecting you to:

The State of Drupal

Dries Buytaert, Drupal Project Lead
Tuesday, August 24th

Dries will discuss where Drupal is and where it is going in this semi-annual address to the Drupal community. Key points will include the finishing touches for Drupal 7, the redesign (!), and the groundwork for Drupal 8.

The Design of HTML5

Jeremy Keith, Author of HTML5 For Web Designers
Thursday, August 26th

An Irish developer living in Brighton, England, Jeremy Keith works for a web consulting firm called Clearlift. And he also wrote the book on HTML5, literally. So you may learn how important design principles are to web and content management projects, as well as how important they are to the entire internet world. This could very well blow your mind! Or just might turn on a few light bulbs above your head. Either way is a win win.

Topic Up to You

Rasmus Lerdorf, PHP Project Founder

And yes, you could be the next contestant on the Price Is Right!?! But most likely you would just come up with the topic and probably get tweeted about for a few hours. I can’t stop writing win win situations here! It’s a curse.

Leave Rasmus a comment with your topic idea. Rasmus is best known for creating the PHP project in 1995 but has also worked as an infrastructure architect at Yahoo! for 7 years. He currently works at WePay in 2010.

Have you gotten your DrupalCon Copenhagen 2010 tickets yet?!!

Why should you come to DrupalCon Copenhagen 2010?

Drupalcon CPH #05 from drupalcon on Vimeo.

Overview of DrupalCamps Organizer Survey Results

Want to start your own DrupalCamp but not sure where to begin? The starting line is closer than you think.

Can’t wrap your thinking cap around realistic logistics of throwing a mini-conference?! Let thy blog post be thou guide.

Can ever find a restroom in time?!!! Well. I can’t help you with that one. But I can help you with the first two.

For last seven weeks, the Drupal Association has been strenuously collecting data, breaking #2 pencils in half, sharpening them and then resharpening them again to bring you, yes you, the results of said data. This data is to be used carefully, intelligently and, most important, immediately.

The purpose of this survey is to provide local Drupal communities with the wisdom of past DrupalCamps. How do you organize it? What should you expect? Where should you put the bar?! I made that last one up, but it isn’t something to be overlooked.

Overall, 45 different camps completed the survey, which collectively had over 6,200 participants and almost $250,000 combined budget. (That’s a lot of buckaroos, smackers, green-daddies) Twenty different countries were represented.

Here are some quick snapshots of the result’s eye-candy:

If you want to check out all of the DrupalCamps Organizer Survey final results, click here.


Google Labs Introduces App Inventor for the Android

Google Labs just introduced a new tool for the Android. Guess what it’s called? App Inventor. Guess what it does? It invented apps. Guess what kind of phone I have. An iPhone. Guess what they don’t have? An app inventor. People are making careers out of making apps for the iPhone. Now you can just saunter over to Google Labs, use the App Inventor to create your own app, and quite possibly sit on a beach in Cozumel for the rest of your life!

What do you have to do? Fill this form out to request and invitation. Then be on your way to building mobile applications! In the meantime, watch this video:

Very Soon You Too Will Have Multiple Google Accounts Logged In at the Same Time!

Every young boy fantasized about the day he will grow into a man, old enough to have his own Google account. But some little boys dream of having more than one Google account at the same time. Is that natural? I’m not going to judge. Once reaching man-hood, the once-young-boys realize that its not realistic to have more than one Google account at one time. But there could be day when it is possible. There could also be day when the Cubs win the World Series. But you can distinguish fantasy from reality, right?!

Google can’t, and that’s because they are constantly plucking fantasies from our dreams and putting them into their Labs. Right now Google is currently working on a new feature that allows grown men, women, and, yes, little boys, to log into multiple Google accounts into the same browser. Google is also currently working on Gmail, Google Calendar, Reader, Docs, Sites, and Code.

There is one drawback. If you turn on multiple sign-ins, you will not be able to access Gmail in offline mode.

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