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This Week in Drupal SEO News: Booster Shots for Drupal 7, Google Wave Gets Laid Off, and Introducing Google Tags

I have never once been tempted to steal hood ornaments, but this one sure does give rise to the nerd in me. How awesome would it be to have the hood ornament above, accompanied by a horn that blasted "these aren't the droids we're looking for" when some blue-tooth-wearing crazy driver cuts you off in rush hour traffic! But I digress.

DrupalCon Copenhagen will be here before you know it, so get your tickets if you haven't already. Rumor has it the price may go up soon... Please read on for more in This Week in Drupal SEO News.


DrupalCon Copenhagen Ticket Prices Go Up Soon

If you are planning on attending DrupalCon Copenhagen but don’t have your ticket yet, now is the time to secure one. Because on August 16th at 8 am CEST the ticket price goes up from €279 to €310. Save €31 and buy your ticket for the conference now.

Why should you go to DrupalCon Copenhagen? Besides learning from the top Drupal developers, designers and architects from around the world, your ticket includes:

•  94 sessions spread out over 3 days

• Ad hoc BOF (birds of a feather) sessions

• Access to the Core Developer Summit and the post-conference code and documentation sprint

• Access to the ChX Coders Lounge where you can hang out and code all night

• Access to FooBar, the official bar of DrupalCon Copenhagen

• …and, last but not least, a chance to meet your fellow Drupalers

See you in Copenhagen on August 23rd!

Booster Shots for Drupal 7 Announced by Drupaltherapy

If you haven’t received Drupal booster shots since Drupal 5, it may be time to suck it up.

Drupaltherapy, a training and development company specializing in none other than Drupal, announced this week they wanted to roll up their sleeves and get dirty with Drupal 7 - and you’re invited.

The name of the Drupaltherapy’s program is Booster Shots for Drupal 7 and consists of a series of half day training courses on Drupal 7 designed to give beginner and intermediate Drupal users the skinny on the upcoming release.

All Booster Shots take place in Boston, MA, on September 17, 2010, in two identical training sessions with the Drupal wizard and trusted Drupaltherapist, Sean Effel.

Sign up for therapy and training now.


Google Wave Sees Light At End of Tunnel

Google Wave, the web app for real time communication and collaboration that launched last year at Google I/O, gave everyone a glimpse of what was possible in web browser functionality and social skills. Sharing images and media in real-time, drag-and-drop files files from the desktop, improved spell-checking for additional contextual meaning, and other powers of technology impressed developers, Googlites, and laypersons alike. Unfortunately the innovative technology didn’t do well with the mainstream Internet audience.

Google Wave’s user adoption that was underwhelming. The innovative tool was well received by early adopters but never seemed to make a permanent splash with early majority crowds. Google announced in their official blog on Wednesday that they will “maintain the site at through the end of the year and extend the technology for use in other Google projects.”

The good news is that some of Wave’s innovative technology will indeed stick with you in the 2011. Drag-and-drop and character-by-character live typing are now available in open source, so you can get your hands dirty in its code and make it better for all of us! Google also insured avid Wave users that they are working on tools to help people “liberate” their content from Wave.

In the end, Google stated that Wave was a learning experience and they are excited about what they learned in the process of “pushing the boundaries of computer science.” We all know that if you don’t fail, you don’t learn. I, for one, am glad that Google took some risks in developing innovative tools and technology for us to experiment with and help improve for a better digital lifestyle. Kudos, Google Wave! We will miss you in January when you disappear into the light at the end of the tunnel.

Customize Your Local Listing with Google’s Newest Online Advertising Offering: Google Tags

Google’s newest online advertising offering through Google Places is Google Tags, which allows you to personalize your and Google Maps local business listing with specific information such as a coupon, video, website, menu, reservations, photos or a custom branding message.

This is great news for Main Street and the small business owner. On Google’s official blog, they followed Susan Holt, the co-founder of a recreational cooking school in Washington D.C., who has been using Google Tags for her business. Here is a look at her Place Page:

Once Susan incorporated Google Tags earlier this summer, she was able to do online advertising that wouldn’t require any additional work. She added a little yellow tag to her listing for $25 a month that advertised a $10 off cooking classes coupon (as seen below0:

Her click-throughs have increased by 400 percent! Class bookings jumped by nearly 10% and her business is booming! Congrats Susan Holt and the rest of CulinAerie for your recent local search success!

Check out Google Tags here.

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