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DrupalCon Copenhagen Tracks and Deadlines, YouTube’s Vuvuzela, and a Google Voice Infographic


It has certainly been a week to remember. The United States win one of the most intense and dramatic victories in its World Cup history from a late goal by America's newest hero, Landon Donovan, BP thinks they may have recapped the leak, Volacci sent off team members to two different DrupalCamps (Chicago and Denver), and the iPhone 4 was released to reports of issues.

(taking a breath)

Join me after the jump for new important tracks, dates, and deadlines for DrupalCon Copenhagen, as well as a modern look at human communications via infographic.


DrupalCon Copenhagen Tracks, Dates and Deadlines Blow your vuvuzelas, the final track descriptions and submission dates have been officially announced for DrupalCon Copenhagen!

Final Track Descriptions

The tracks, illustrated in true Drupal fashion in the above image, are as follows:

Introducing Drupal Chaired by Boris Doesborg, this track is be specifically geared towards users and developers new to Drupal. If you are a n00b to the community, this is a great way to get your feet wet on the open source sensation that is sweeping all the world’s nations.

Theming, Design & Usability Roy Scholten chairs this track which focuses on usability, user experience, and design. This track will be quite popular, as all design tracks seem to be. Plus, who can get enough of the user experience evolution process?

Code & Development Chaired by Gábor Hojtsy, this track is for people interested in Drupal’s architecture and the future of its code-base.

Configuration, Set-Up & Performance This track is for people who want to spend less time coding and more time working on the content of their sites. Chaired by Florian Loretan.

Drupal for Business Chaired by Jakub Suchý, this track is for people who use Drupal as a tool for running their business. Pretty straightforward.

Providing Professional Drupal Services Chaired by Thomas Barregren, this track is for people who provide Drupal-related professional services.

Session Deadlines and Dates

Now that we have the final descriptions of the six tracks, everyone should have a chance to submit a session targeted at a specific track. The deadlines, which were originally announced late last week, have been updated to give you (and me) more time. The revised schedule is as follows:

  • The final deadline for submissions is July 4th
  • Voting will take place from July 45th until July 11th
  • The initial schedule will be released on July 18th
  • DrupalCon Copenhagen is August 23rd to 27th, 2010, in case you forgot Get your DrupalCon Copenhagen ticket here. I hope to see you there! I’ll vote for your session if you vote for mine...

Volacci Goes to Camps

This weekend Volacci team members are attending both DrupalCamp Denver and DrupalCamp Chicago. At DrupalCamp Chicago 2010, I am giving a session tomorrow morning at 9:30 AM in the Duo Consulting track called "Taking Your Drupal Business to the Next Level". If you are attending, come check it out, I may even give you a free book!?!

For DrupalCamp Colorado, Juane Clark just posted a great interview with Volacci (2017-05-15 - no longer available) today on the site. If you see us in Colorado, be sure to stop by and say hello!



YouTube Gets Vuvuzela Button

There has been nothing more polarizing in this World Cup than the vuvuzela, a long plastic “stadium horn” that has provided a consistent buzz all month long. Whether you love them or hate them, there is something quite fascinating about the newest member of the woodwind family. Word on the street from South Africa is that the European supporters buy them to break over their knee, yet they have been selling like hotcakes. 

And I guarantee YouTube has bought one for every single one of their employees! How do I know this?! This week YouTube decided to add a “vuvuzela” button to its video portal. In the photo above you can see a soccer ball icon in the lower right hand corner, and it does exactly what you fear: it adds the “bzzzzzz” of the vuvuzela over the video. Highly entertaining when added to an appropriate video, and highly annoying when just added for the heck of it.

How’s Your iPhone 4 Working?

The iPhone 4 was released this week to its normal riot-inducing crowds. Yet the buzz online has been short of stellar. There have been several reports of issues with the iPhone 4, from screen discoloration and poor reception, to sensitive glass casing. But don’t take my word for it, check out this cool illustration that is circulating:

This illustration was created by @shanenow for Mashable, which you can view in its original posting here.

Google Voice Infographic: A Modern History of Human Communication

Google Voice has made good progress over the last few years, helping people use the web to communicate in more ways than ever before. They created a cook infographic to help you visualize some recent history of human communication. Google Voice now has open sign-ups, but is still limited to the United States. Speaking of the United States, go USA! tomorrow afternoon versus Ghana. Good luck fellas!

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