Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on October 12th, 2009

Vote Drupal as Best Open Source CMS of 2009 Now!

Everybody loves a good old-fashion, democratic vote. Pull the level. Stamp the ticket. Check the box. It’s what makes our apple pies taste so sweet. Especially when “normal” people get to participate and help determine who totes the trophy in the end. This is why awards like Pact’s Open Source Award has emerged as an honored and respectable prize to win every year. After a month-long nomination process, the rest of October is open for voting for the greatest open source CMS of 2009. The nominees, please.

Packt recently released the nominees for five different categories related to the field of open source CMS development. The voting is open to the public, and if the voter has time for an extra survey, they could win one of three iPod touch players being given away by Packt. For a list all nominees in all five categories, click here. Below is the category in which Drupal is nominated.

Best Open Source PHP CMS

• Joomla!

• WordPress

• MODx

• Drupal*

• TYPOlight

*As most of our readers may know, Volacci has a little thing for Drupal. I wouldn’t call it a crush, but we LOVE optimizing Drupal. So this may be a little bias. (To address recent FTC regulations, Drupal is in no way compensating us for this promotional blog post)

Please go vote for Drupal as “Best Open Source PHP CMS of 2009” by clicking here. The polls are open until Friday, October 30th, but don’t wait until then. Vote now. Do it. Click the link. Vote Drupal. Now.