Posted to Volacci's blog on February 13th, 2012

5 Dynamic Tips to Increase Visitor Attention


Something that all good marketing directors know is that the first step to excellent marketing is to catch your audience's attention. No need to think about it - if you can't capture attention, you can't get your point across. Simple as that. There are many ways to capture attention, but some are less effective than others. For example, it's difficult to use voice on the web, music can be too gimmicky and annoying, and videos (should) always require the user to choose to watch them. The only thing that has no barriers between you and your audience is what they can see on your website. This is why it is particularly important that your calls-to-action are eye-catching. Here are several tips to catch your visitors attention which enhances the conversion rate of your website:

  1. Your calls-to-action should include buttons that give the illusion of physicality
  2. Your most important headers and buttons should use colors different from other colors on the page (if your page utilizes all the colors in your color scheme, consider using a color that does not clash with the other colors on the page but stands out visually from everything else)
  3. Calls-to-action buttons should have enough whitespace around them to make them an "island" that the eye is drawn to
  4. Use images or icons in close proximity to important text or calls-to-action to attract the eyes naturally toward them; imagery and symbols stand out (even in peripheral vision) from alpha-numeric shapes
  5. If your site is rich in text (news, blogs, informational, etc.) sometimes placing your primary call-to-action (newsletter sign-up, a download, etc.) over a different color background can attract the eye. This is because two different background colors visually represent different status or functionality.

These are just a few quick tips that can help increase conversions by making calls-to-action more eye-catching. Once you’ve caught your visitor’s eyes, you’ve begun capturing their attention. Your job is to create content and a user experience that is compelling enough to hold their eyes and their attention.

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