Posted to Volacci's blog on May 18th, 2011

Work It! with Fresh Website Copy Part II--Explore New Opportunities


If missed Work It! from last week, Step 1 to revitalizing your website content is to grab some analytics--get the data that tells you what is working on your website and what needs tweaking. Step 2 is to evaluate the tone and feel of your website. And now...the moment you have all been waiting for...

Step 3: Explore New Opportunities

What new opportunities can you explore? You may not have previously explored new content strategies because you were doing what you could with the resources that you had.

You might not have built a blog yet because you weren’t sure who was going to maintain it. You might not twitter, you might not have a resource section on your site. These are great things to consider for your site because they are another way that you can build relationships with your customers and your target audience.

So think of content opportunities that might make sense--there are a lot of choices. From Twitter and Facebook, if you haven’t done that up to white papers if you’re B2B and looking for a way to establish your expertise. So jump right in! Pick one from this list to start with and run with it.

Social Media--Create and maintain updates on your company’s social media platforms like Twitter profile, Facebook Fan Page, Blogs, Micro Blogs, etc. This is a fantastic way to build community with customers and create a springboard for future product ideas and promotion.

Blog-- Create and update a blog on your website where company employees, teams, or spokespersons share their views. Use it to announce new products or services. Blogging allows a window to the company culture and is written in an informal style. A blog is a great tool for promoting key messages and distributing company or industry information.

Case Studies--A detailed analysis of one of your projects or clients that stresses factors contributing to its success. As in--this is what we did for this client and now, look!--this client is amazing and successful as a result. Woo Hoo!

White Papers--a lengthy, analytical document that provides objective, useful information to your clients about a particular business problem and potential solutions. The white paper format can be an effective way to educate potential customers on the merits of technology products and services and to explain the complex technologies involved. It is an excellent way to generate sales leads by offering a free white paper on your website in exchange for the reader’s name and contact information.

All this sounds suspiciously like stuff you don’t really have time for. Not a problem. At Volacci, our content strategy team can do all of the above for you. We Facebook, we Twitter, we ghostwrite blogs --we pretend to be you--which is really fun--like channeling Lucille Ball (ok not really) and write your blog for you.

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The question is WHY. Why would you invest the time, work and your hard earned cash into new content strategies? Because, when you show a potential customer that you understand exactly what they are looking for and prove yourself as an expert resource for them-- that’s when they’re going to feel comfortable asking you to submit a proposal, asking you for more information--and buying from you.