Posted to Volacci's blog on May 3rd, 2011

Work It! with Fresh Website Copy


Recently, I was talking content strategy with a long-time Volacci client and he asked me to take a look at the content on his website. He knew that when you’ve had a website for awhile, it’s easy to not really see what it looks like anymore or be able to objectively evaluate it like a prospective customer would. I thought this was a fantastic idea. (Smart guy!)

Is YOUR website getting a little stale or not working like it used to?--never fear! The Content Queen is here! There is no time like the present to breathe new life into your website with fresh web copy. So--are you ready to work it!? It all starts with your new best friend---Analytics.

Step 1: Check Your Analytics


Analytics offers you a wealth of valuable information. Consider analytics your new best friend. And she’s amazing--She shows you what pages are resonating with your audience. She shows you which pages are awkward and should be improved to do more for your conversions. She knits sweaters for the homeless in her spare time.

I think the word “analytics” sounds kinda sciencey. Actually, I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to that word. That’s why we have these guys here at the Volacci office who can interpret your analytics for you. They’re the ones who have those certificates in Analytics or something and have those printouts on the bulletin board in the Volacci kitchen with their exam grade on it (we must have been out of refrigerator magnets at the time). They can get the data you need to start making some really smart decisions about what is working for your site and what you need to refine.

Step 2: Evaluate Your Tone and Feel


How does the content sound to your readers? Do you need to make it more engaging? Go back to your customer profile and find out what makes your customers tick, so you can write content that specifically targets them. The tone and feel of your website doesn’t have to sound formal and business-like. Different things work for different companies, but don’t be afraid to play around with the tone and feel and make it sound a little more personable.

But I don’t HAVE a customer profile, you say. Where is MY customer profile, you cry. This is a really great opportunity to build a customer profile if you do not have one already. Call me if you get stuck.

So work it! --go back to your customer profile, check your analytics and see how people are responding to the content. And then you’re ready for Step 3: Explore New Opportunities. This one is my favorite because there are so many amazing possibilities! So stay tuned for my next blog post: Work It! with Fresh Website Copy---Part II.