Posted to Volacci's blog on May 3rd, 2011

SEO Target: Youtube - Not *Just* About Viral Videos Anymore


In addition to being the largest video-sharing channel on the Internet, Youtube is also the second largest search engine (trailing only Google) and is used to share tens of thousands of videos, interviews, news clips, mash-ups, etc. daily. Optimizing your content for Youtube gives you access to millions of searchers and can generate hundreds or thousands of hits back to your site. Looking for a few tips to make the most out of your Youtube profiles? Look not further - we’ve got you covered.


1. Customize your account completely. Fill out your company description and about me sections, using keywords and phrases. Customize the background with a company photo or other related image and link back to your site.


2. Title your videos appropriately. Name each video so it reflects your company or brand and the topic of the video. Include in the video title the name of your company/brand and a few keywords relevant to the video content. It will help search results categorize your video and it will give context to viewers who happen to stumble upon your video.


3. Use the tagging and descriptions features to your advantage. Write a full description for each video, including relevant keywords and links back to your website and other social media entities. You can also link back to specific pages on your site (for more information, check out this article/page...). Create video tags based on the same keywords you used for your descriptions. Be generous with tags, and monitor your tags using Youtube insights to see how your tags perform and use the best ones in the future. Keywords in tags and descriptions will help increase the appearance of your videos in search results.

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4. Opt for shorter clips. Shorter clips tend to perform better than longer ones, so try to keep videos at 5 minutes or less. You can break longer videos into smaller segments that then can be promoted across social platforms as individual segments of a larger project. If you do break up longer videos, be sure all sections link back to one another (you can add links to the other sections in the description).


5. Organize your videos. Make your Youtube account intuitive. Group related videos together into playlists. Playlists allow admins and followers to easily find and share videos throughout their network.


6. Moderate comments diligently. It is important to regularly monitor comment conversations to maintain a civil and welcoming tone and to avoid spammers. Youtube allows you to moderate comments before they go live, but we recommend regularly participating, replying to comments, and deleting the obscene and spammy comments to foster community participation.

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7. Be present. Serve as a curator of conversation and be present in Youtube discussions. Subscribe and “favorite” other channels and videos, become friendly with others in your community, and share your videos through all of your social media platforms.